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Selling a gift card…

1.     Ticket List
2.     Click on the buyer’s name in the Open Tickets column or create a ticket with the New   Ticket button at the left. The sales ticket Checkout form will appear.
3.     In Specials click the and then Gift Card in the pop-up.
4.     Enter the number of the gift certificate.
a.     If you don’t use pre-numbered gift card blanks, get the next available gift certificate number by clicking the Gift Card button at the left of the screen to view your list. Write down the next available number, close that window and go back to your Checkout screen.
5.     Enter the amount and click Add Gift Card.
6.     Process the sales ticket as usual. The details of the gift card will be recorded and automatically updated each time it is used.

Note: A gift card cannot be redeemed on the same ticket it was sold.

Selling a Gift Card with a Discount OR Donating a Gift Card…

1. Add the gift card to the sales ticket as normal
2. Enter the full amount that is going on the gift card.
3. Go to collect payment
4. The discounted amount should go under the “house” field in the collect payment window.
Ex. There is a 20% on all gift card purchases. The client purchases a gift card for $100.00. Therefore, $20 should go under the “house” field
5. The remaining balance should be applied as to however the client is paying.
6. Ticket can be closed as normal

Redeeming a gift card…
1.     Ticket List
2.     Click on the buyer’s name in the Open Tickets column or create a ticket with the New Ticket button at the left.
3.     Prepare the sales ticket by adding any products, etc. and click Collect Payment.
4.     On the final (Collect Payment) screen, if a tip is to be added for any services on the ticket, enter it first. Click Add Tip and enter the amount of the tip.
5.     Enter the gift card number and click Validate. The amount remaining on that gift card will appear.
6.     Click the amount remaining number and the correct amount will auto-fill.
7.     If the gift card balance is more than the amount due, the correct amount will be deducted and applied to the sales ticket. The system will keep track of the new balance remaining on the gift card.
8.     If the amount due is more than the balance remaining on the gift card, the entire amount will be applied in the gift card Amount field and the difference must be paid by a second method.
9.     To make up the difference, go to the second chosen method of payment and click the Amount field. The balance due will auto-fill in the second method of payment.
10.  Click Finish to close out the ticket and move it to the Closed Tickets column.

CHECK the remaining balance on a gift card…

Click Manage>Gift Card to quickly check the amount remaining on a gift card purchased in your salon or spa. It displays the number, owner name, original and remaining amounts and purchase dates and by whom. The list is automatically updated each time all or part of a gift cards is used to pay at checkout. New gift cards are automatically added to the list when the purchase transaction takes place.

NOTE: If you are unable to sell or redeem a gift card you will need to turn on the Manage Gift Card Permission.
     Manage>Basic Settings>Employees>Permissions>Manage Gift Card>SAVE

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