Adding and Editing Services

All the services performed in your business will be listed here. Each one must be entered separately.  
Add a New Service: 
1.     Click on Add a New Service and enter the information.
2.     Select the Service Group from the drop-down box. If this is a completely new service that does not fit into any your existing Service Groups, you will first have to create a new Service Group.
3.     Enter the Service Name, for example “Men’s Haircut.” Choose a name that differentiates this service from others in the same group.  For example, Men’s Haircuts, Women’s haircuts, Children's Haircut.  
4.     Taxable: Select yes or no from the drop-down box.
        Click Save and repeat for all services you provide.

These next steps of adding a new service are only available in Manage> Basic Settings> Services

5.     Product charge is a charge that will be deducted from the service provider’s commission to cover the cost of products used in the service
(some business refer to this as a service charge).
        NOTE: This can be by dollars or percentage.

6.     An “Active” Status indicates that the service is currently performed in your business, and it will appear when scheduling appointments.
7.     Resources are rooms or stations with the equipment necessary to perform a service. This is a feature of Advanced Settings only and may be skipped if you don’t use this feature.
8.     Show Online determines if this service will appear as an Online Client Scheduling option.
9.    Click Save.

Please note that when a new service is added, you must also add it to the record of each employee who will be performing that service.

Assign New Services to an Employee:

1.     Manage> Basic Settings> Employee Settings

2.     Click on the employee’s name, then on Assign Services

3.     Click on the Available tab and check the box next to the new service you wish to add.
4.     Set the Price, Duration, Process Time
5.     Repeat for all employees who will perform this service. If there are many new services and employees who will provide the services, you may wish to use the Copy tab (step by step instructions).
6.     Save.
Edit a Service:
Access: Manage> Basic Settings> Services
1.     Click on the name of the service.
2.     Change the fields you wish.
3.     Click Save.

Please note that depending on the nature of the change you’ve made, it may affect some aspect of an employee’s assigned services, such as one employee charging a different price for the same service. Go to the employee record under Manage>Basic Settings>Employee Settings, click Assigned Services, make the necessary change, and Save.

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