Using the Time Clock

To use the Time Clock:
Manage Screen > Time Clock tab

1.     Click the word Clock IN In the “Time In” column next to the employee name.
2.     Click Clock IN the pop-up showing the current date and time.

3.     The employee’s “Time In” column will autofill with the time, and that employee is clocked in.
4.     When the employee clocks out, repeat this process for the “Time Out” column.
5.     When employees clock out for lunch or an errand, the first set of in/out times for the day will drop down so there’s a new blank line to clock back in again.
6.     If someone forgot to clock in or out, you can edit (a mgr/owner login) a line of information by clicking the time that needs to be adjusted and re-entering it with the missing time filled in. If you need to edit something from a prior date, use the calendar at the left to select the date.
7.     Click Close at the top of the screen to go back to the manage screen.

To Edit a time clock punch

For a summary of Time Clock entries:
Proceed to: Reports

1.     Choose the Start and End dates for your report by clicking the calendar icon next to the boxes and selecting the dates.
2.     Click Run Detail Report.
3.     It is printable by clicking the Export to PDF or Crtl + P (if you do this it will print your screen)

Note: If your time clock shows the incorrect time it is because you have not specified your time zone, it could throw the data in your reports out of kilter. It should be adjusted on the first page (Basic Information) of your business profile:
Manage> Basic Settings> Business Settings

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