Clients Report

All of your data is automatically and continuously backed up to our servers. However, some businesses like to keep a hard copy of their client database.  The Clients Report will save the data to an Excel spreadsheet. 

1.    Proceed to: Reports
2.    Click Clients
3.    The Clients file contains all of your client records. You may view it by selecting Export to Excel to your computer.

In Excel if you cannot see all the details in the columns you will want to expand them. Once you have the file open in excel position the mouse over the line like between D and E so the white cross becomes a double arrow. Click, hold, and drag the mouse to increase or decrease the column width.

If you are looking to print address labels to send a nice greeting to your client via mail: Manage>Marketing>Offline Marketing>Start a new Campaign>Select your Client Filters>Find Clients>Print Mailing Labels.
Now you will be able to print your addresses on Avery Labels 5160.

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