Tickets Dropdown: Overview

The Tickets drop down displays sales transactions as they occur, as well as providing access to all databases, reports and other functions used in salon transactions. The date shown at the top is today’s date and displays today’s tickets unless you change it by using the calendar icon next to it.

     Ticket List: Open Tickets and Closed Tickets columns show the real-time status of sales transactions. Sales tickets are generated automatically and appear in Open Tickets when a client is checked in, then move to Closed Tickets after the client has paid.

     New Ticket is a quick link to new ticket for a service, product, package or gift certificate without putting it on the schedule.

     Return Ticket processes service refunds and refunds retail and adjusts inventory.

     Payment In records any payment received that is not recorded through the normal ticket payment procedure, including cash to “top up” your drawer for making change.

    Payment Out records cash removed from the cash drawer other than change or tips.

     Inventory Use keeps track of the inventory use of all professional products and retail products used for back bar as well as retail product returns that you don’t want to go back into inventory.

     House Sale is used for transactions where no client card is created (for instance, a one-time sale or a walk-in from out of town).

    Ticket Summary provides a summary of the closed (paid) tickets processed for any given day or time period, showing details by employee and customer.

    Price Check allows you to quickly check the price of a product.


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