Inventory Use

Retail products are automatically deducted from inventory as they’re sold. For the following, however, it’s up to you to keep your inventory up to date and accurate:
·        Professional products (color, perms, gallons, tools, etc. not for retail sale)
·        Products taken out of regular retail inventory and used on customers in the salon (shampoo, conditioner, styling products, etc.)
·        Retail products taken from inventory for salon use (such as an aromatherapy candle used in the reception area).
Access: Tickets Dropdown
1.     Inventory Use
2.     Enter the Name, SKU OR Barcode of the product being removed from inventory.
3.     Click on the correct product in the drop-down.
4.     Check to make sure the name of the employee removing the product and the quantity being removed are correct.  Click Add Items.
5.     Repeat for any additional Items.
6.     When done, click Add Items and OK in the pop-up.
7.     A house account ticket will be automatically created and moved directly to the Closed Tickets window to balance the books, and the item(s) are removed from inventory.

Note: If you need to add Inactive products to an Inventory Use ticket, please click on the 'Include Inactive' box. This will generate a list for both active and inactive products.


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