Inventory Use

It is recommended you use this tool to properly track your backbar inventory (products used by Service Providers to perform services on clients), such as, color tubes, hairspray, shampoo, etc...
An Inventory Use ticket will auto-deduct any product added to the ticket from your On Hand quantity.

Proceed to: Tickets > Inventory Use
1.     Once the product search box pops up, search and select any items that have been used or claimed by staff for use

2.     Adjust the quantity of added products (if needed) using the quantity drop-down provided next to each product

3.     Choose the Service Provider who used/claimed each product you are adding to the ticket

4.     Click Add Items

5.    This ticket can be found and modified in the Closed Ticket List for the date they are marked out

Note: If you need to add any inactive products to the Inventory Use ticket, please check the Include Inactive box underneath the product search bar


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