Selling/Redeeming Memberships

Memberships are “club” plans that include a variety of services and/or discounts for a one-time, prepaid membership fee.  Once this cost is paid, the system keeps track of clients’ participation, bills correctly at checkout, and balances the books.
You must have the Membership set up and available.  See Memberships: Set Up for setup instructions.
Purchase a membership…

The entire cost of the Membership must be prepaid. The system will keep track of usage and balancing the books.
1.     Tickets screen
2.     Select the client name from the Open Tickets column, or create a ticket with the Create Ticket button if the client doesn’t have an open ticket.
3.     On the sales ticket, click Add Specials and choose Memberships in the pop-up.
4.     Select the correct membership by name, using the search or drop-down box.

5.     Start Date: Today’s date is the default, but it can be changed by using the calendar icon to select a different date.
6.     The recipient is the person who will use the membership. The system defaults to the person buying the membership.
7.     Click Add Membership and It will be added to the sales ticket.
8.     Proceed to close out the ticket as usual.

Use a membership…

Booking the appointment:
When booking an appointment that’s part of a membership, select the service(s) individually, the way you usually do on the scheduling screen. The system will recognize the membership components and charge accordingly.
If a client books the components of a membership but has not purchased the membership, those services/products will be charged full price at checkout. However, the client may both purchase and apply the membership at checkout to receive the discounted price. The package price will be added to the sales ticket, and the appropriate services will be discounted.

Process payment at checkout:
1.     Tickets screen
2.     Select the client’s name from the Open Tickets column.
3.     If the membership is already paid for, the applicable services will be identified on the sales ticket and discounted accordingly. The software will keep track of usage and active time limits.

Note: If the client is buying the membership and using it on the same day, add the membership to the ticket using the steps above to purchase a membership. The sales ticket will then show the membership purchase price as well as the discounted charges.

4.     Process the sales ticket as usual. You may add a tip even when the ticket shows no charge for services.
5.     Your desk staff will be reminded of any product promotions tied to a service in the membership.


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