How to apply a Discount

Discounts are used to promote products, services and good will. The method used to enter discounts on the sales ticket determines whether the books are balanced and employees are properly compensated.
All products and services must show the actual (discounted) price on the checkout ticket before you get to the Collect Payment window. There is one exception: when the employee is to receive full commission regardless of what the customer pays (see “exception” below).
One-time discounts…
These are non-permanent discounts used occasionally for money off on a product or service; for example, a 50% discount on a product as a goodwill gift to the client.
1.     On the Checkout ticket, click the discount button  discount
2.     Enter the amount and select % or $. (For a free product or service, enter 100%.)
3.     Click Submit. The price in the Amount column will change to the discounted price.
4.     Continue to close out the ticket as usual.
Permanent Discounts…
Employees or clients who receive permanent discounts should have the discount programmed into their records so the discounted price will automatically be billed on the ticket, not left up to the desk staff to remember.
1.     Clients: Manage > Clients
        Bring up the client record or add a new client. Add the discount percentage under “Service Discount” and/or “Product Discount” and click Submit. This client will now have all services and/or products automatically discounted by the percentage you designate.

2.     Employees: Manage > Clients
        Open a client card for the employee just as though they were a new client. Specify the discount percentages for service and product discounts and click Submit.

Packages and Memberships…
Packages and Memberships are automatically discounted on the sales ticket and need nothing further. The system keeps track of discounts, usage and active time limits so the client’s ticket at Checkout will already reflect all applicable discounts.
Exception: full employee commission on discounted or free services…
Example: The owner’s mother has her hair colored at no charge, but the colorist is to receive full commission. Leave the full price of the service on the Checkout screen. This applies only to commissioned employees when the employee is to be paid a full commission regardless of the discounted or free price the customer pays.
It does not apply to non-commissioned employee services or when employees receive discounted commissions on a discounted service. In both of those instances, the item should be discounted on the Checkout screen as usual in “One-Time Discounts” above.

1.     On the ticket Checkout screen, do not discount the item. Leave the full price.
2.     When you get to the Payment screen, add the tip (if any) first. Then click the House Charge field. The entire amount of the bill will auto-fill in that field.
3.     Manually change the dollar amount in the House Charge field to the difference between the full and discounted price of the service.
a.     Example: If a $90 service was discounted 20%, the difference between the discounted and regular price is $18.00. You’d manually change the amount in House Charge to $18.00.
4.     Select and click on the client’s chosen method of payment. The balance of the bill, minus the house charge, will auto-fill. The total paid by the client will be the discounted amount, but the employee will receive full commission.


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