Collecting Tips

When a client pays for a tip with credit card or check, you have the option of giving the employee that tip money in cash from the cash drawer at that time, or keeping the tips in the drawer and reimbursing them later or as part of their paycheck.

Note: Tracking employee tips makes sure the proper employee is payed out whether or not you keep tips in the drawer.
  - To track tips: Select "Yes" next to Track Employee Tips under "Settings" in each employee’s profile.
Access the employees' profiles by going to: Manage > Basic Settings > Employees > Settings

If you DO keep tips in the drawer, you must select "Yes" to Keep Tips in Drawer in your Business Settings, under "Point of Sale Settings"
Access your Business Settings by going to: Manage > Basic Settings > Business Settings > Settings

If you DO NOT keep the tips in the drawer (pay-out the employee right away), you must alternatively have Keep Tips in Drawer set to "No"

* If you are NOT USING CardConnect as your integrated credit card processor, ALWAYS add the tip(s) first! — before you enter the method of payment on the ticket!

Once in the Collect Payment screen of a ticket:
1.     Click the Add Tip button OR if using integrated credit card processing, simply proceed to collecting card payment so that a client can add the tip themselves

2.     Select the name of the employee who is to receive the tip from the drop-down

3.     Enter the amount of the tip, and click Add

UI 100.png

4.     If more than one employee is receiving a tip on this ticket, repeat these steps

5.     Close the Add Tip window and continue to close out the ticket per usual

* When you click on a method of payment, the field will auto-fill with the ticket total including tip, but it will be identified separately as a tip in your records

The total amount of the tip(s) will auto-fill in “Tip Amount” at the bottom of the Collect Payment screen


A listing of tips is available through the Ticket Summary for each employee
(Can be accessed from the left of the Schedule or under the "Tickets" tab for Service Providers, and by everyone else from the "Tickets" tab.)


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