Attaching Tickets

This feature combines two or more sales tickets for payment by one person (for instance, a mother and daughter both get haircuts and the mother pays for both transactions). You must have a separate ticket for each individual and then merge them at Checkout to maintain the accuracy of client and employee records.

1.     Tickets screen
2.     In the Open Tickets column, click the name of the person paying for both tickets.
(ex. Monica Geller will be paying for Rachel Green in this example,therefore we will open Monica’s Ticket)
3.     Click Attach a Ticket.
4.     In the pop-up that appears, click the next to the name of the client being attached.

UI 104.png

5.     The screen will refresh to show the original sales ticket with the total from the attached ticket added at the bottom. It will not show the service or product details of the second ticket
6.     Repeat if necessary for more than one attachment.
7.     Add any other products, discounts, packages, etc. to the ticket, click Collect Payment, and close out the ticket as usual.

8. Once the main ticket is closed and paid, all attached tickets will move over to the “Closed Tickets” side.
NOTE: On the ticket screen attached tickets will be marked by, “1” and “2”.
(1)Has Tickets attached to it
(2)Attached to another ticket

Detaching Tickets:
Tickets can only be detached before they are closed and moved to the “Closed Tickets”.
In order to detach a ticket, go to the ticket that is attached.
  1. Click on Detach this Ticket
UI 105.png
   2. Tickets are no longer attached.
Re-Open a Closed Attached Tickets:
Tickets that have been closed and need an adjustment you will have to Re-Open the ticket to be able to edit or delete the attached tickets.

This is done by clicking on the closed ticket and hitting Re-Open Ticket now the tickets will be in the "Open Tickets."


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