Where to put Client Notes

Notes are used to enhance the client’s experience and to communicate internal information to keep the salon/spa running smoothly. There are two types of notes:
·        Permanent: part of the client log/client record until deleted.
·        Temporary (internal communications): self-delete when the ticket is closed.

Permanent notes may be entered at any time, by any employee with access. Click Client Log and then the Notes tab…
·        When scheduling an appointment
·        At check-in
·        During the appointment
·        At Checkout
·        Any time, on the Client Card (Manage> Clients)

Temporary notes may be entered…
·        At check-in by clicking Notes: Edit on the Appointment screen.
·        During the appointment by clicking Ticket Notes on the Appointment screen.

Permanent Notes…
These are notes you want to keep as part of the client’s record. Examples: product allergies or “need extra 30 minutes for double highlight”—even things like “prefers herbal tea, no sugar” so your receptionist can provide that extra personal touch.
1.     Click Client Log on any screen that offers the option, then click the Notes tab.
2.     Choose when you want the note to appear. More than one may be checked.
a.     If you do not check when you want the note to appear, it will be retained as a permanent part of the client record but will not appear in the sales ticket.  It can be accessed and read from any screen offering “Client Log.”
3.     Write the note and Save.
4.     A log of all notes is shown at the bottom of the “Notes” screen. You may delete any note by checking the X icon next to it. Notes that you want to keep as a permanent part of the client record remain permanent by simply never deleting them once they’re written.

“Semi-Permanent” Notes…
These are notes that you want to pop up once to personalize the client’s experience, like “ask how son Josh did in the school play” at check-in.
1.     Click Client Log on any screen that offers the option, then click the Notes tab.
2.     Follow the on-screen instructions (above) to write the note.
3.     The note will pop up at the selected time during the client’s next appointment. After it has been read and acted upon, delete it by clicking the - icon next to it in the pop-up. If you don’t delete it, it will become permanent until you do.

Temporary Notes…
These are internal communications that apply only to the current appointment after the client is checked in. They are made from the service provider’s personal schedules and self-delete when the ticket is closed. Examples: a note to the desk about a change in service or a recommendation for a product.
1.     Service providers, apprentices and backroom employees with login access have access to temporary notes once the client is checked in.
2.     Click the client’s name on the Schedule screen, then click Ticket Notes.
3.     Write the note in the pop-up and Save.
4.     When the client checks out, the note will appear to alert the desk staff to changes in service, product recommendations, etc. Once the ticket is paid and closed, the temporary note self-deletes.
5.     A second type of temporary note can be entered by the desk staff before the client checks in (for instance, must be out by 3:00 to pick up kids). Click the client name on the schedule, then click Notes: Edit on the appointment screen, write note and click apply. The note will appear when the client checks in so the desk staff can alert the service provider. The note self-deletes when the ticket is paid and closed.

Please Note: Service providers may also write permanent notes from their personal schedules by clicking Client Log and then Notes. For instance, they might want to specify extra (or less) time when booking a certain service for that client and would program the note to always pop up when scheduling the appointment.

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