Discontinue or Inactive Products

When a product is discontinued, whether by the manufacturer or because you no longer wish to carry it, its status should be changed to “Inactive.” It will no longer appear on current reports, on your product order form or in Suggestive Selling pop-ups at client checkout. It will, however, remain on historical reports.
Access:  Manage> Inventory> Products

1.     Click on the name of the discontinued product. The product profile will come up.
2.     In Status, change to Inactive.
3.     Save.
Mass Inventory Update
If you are discontinuing several products, a whole product line or an entire manufacturer, it is easiest to inactivate the products through Mass inventory Update.
Access: Manage> Inventory> Mass Update

1.     In the box titled Filters, click Show if the fields are hidden.
2.     Select a Brand.
3.     Select the Product Group(s) that are affected by the products you are discontinuing.
4.     The Status should read Active. You are searching for currently active products.
5.     Select Retail, Professional or All.
6.     Click Go. You will now have a listing of the products and Brand(s) you selected.
7.     In the Status column, change each discontinued product to Inactive.
8.     Click Save Changes.
9.     For businesses with large inventories, the listing may cover more than one page. The page number and total pages are shown in a line above the chart. To go to the next page, click next. You may also go backward to previous pages by clicking prev.
10.  Save Changes.


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