Target Quantities

To make the inventory system work for ordering products without counting bottles on the shelf every week, you must enter inventory target numbers. Target numbers are the minimum quantity for each product that you don’t want to let your inventory go below. Each time you sell a product or otherwise remove it from inventory, the transaction is recorded against the target number. Then when you generate a purchase order, the software figures out what you need to order to keep your shelves and back room fully stocked. 
Note: Target numbers should be entered for every product before you begin using the software. For new products entered after initial setup, the New Product form has a field for the target number.
To enter initial target quantities:

1.     Go to: Manage> Inventory> Mass Inventory Update
2.     In the Target column, enter a target number for every product, both retail and professional. Simply highlight the existing number and enter your target number.
3.     Go through every page of your inventory for both retail and professional products. Click Save Changes.
4.     If you find through subsequent experience that any number is set too high or low, it can easily be changed at any time.     
To change a target quantity:
Changing the target quantity may be done through either the individual product record or the Mass Inventory Update. Access one or the other, change the number, and click Save. For seasonal products or promotions for which you’d like to keep your inventory low except during certain times of the year, select the lower target number and change it on your purchase order when you want to temporarily enlarge that number.

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