On Hand Quantities

These are the quantities you physically have on your shelves or in the back room at this point in time. A physical inventory must be conducted and an initial On Hand number entered for every product before you begin using the software to run your business on a daily basis. When adding a new product after the initial basic set-up, the Add Product form has a field to enter a beginning On Hand quantity. 
Initial Basic Setup…
First you’ll need to conduct a physical inventory.
1.     Go to: Manage> Management> Inventory> Mass Inventory Update
2.     Click Print Physical Inventory.
3.     Count the products on the shelf and write in the actual quantities on hand in the Actual column of the printout.
4.     Do the same for professional/back room products.
Then enter the data.
5.     Go back to the Mass Inventory Update screen and enter the On Hand quantities for all products. Highlight the 0 and enter the new number.
6.     Complete all pages and click Save Changes.
Change an On-Hand quantity…
Follow the instructions above. Change any On-Hand quantities that are incorrect when compared to the actual numbers you’ve written in when conducting the physical inventory.
We recommend conducting a physical inventory once a month, depending on the size of your business, your inventory, and the quantity of products you sell. Busy employees make mistakes or forget to enter data, plus there’s shoplifting and even internal theft. When your records become inaccurate, they can only be reconciled by conducting a physical inventory.


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