Creating a Purchase Order

Reorder quantities are based on the software keeping track of inventory use and comparing on-hand quantity against the target (minimum) quantity you’ve chosen to stock for each product. It is all automated, but you will be able to add, update and delete individual items on the order after creating it.
Generate a purchase order…
1.     Manage> Inventory> Orders
2.     Click the New Order tab.
3.     Select the supplier, product type and manufacturer. Click Create Order. The order amount for each product will be the difference between your target quantity and what you have on hand. The purchase order will show PO #, order date, the number of items ordered, total cost and the supplier.
4.     You may change the order quantity of any item (for instance when ordering additional for a seasonal product or promotion).
5.     You may add items. Click the Add Items tab at the top of the page. Enter an SKU or product name. Adjust the quantity if necessary. Click Add Items. Your screen will refresh to show the added item.
6.     You may remove an item from the order by changing the order quantity to zero.
7.     When the purchase order is the way you want it, click Save.
8.     Print a copy to mail or fax, or create a PDF file to email to your supplier. Use the Print tab at the top of the page for a printout or the Export tab for a PDF.
9.     Click Mark this PO as placed and Save.
10.  The order will be recorded as placed and awaiting shipment.
Note: You can print out and mail a PO without marking it as Placed, but it’s best to keep your purchase orders sorted into the Open or Placed files so you know which ones you’ve already sent to the supplier vs. which are waiting for additions or an approval before sending. If you want to keep an order open, don’t check the “Mark this PO as placed” box. Just save it, and it will go into the Open file. When it’s finished and/or approved, print or export it, mark it as Placed and Save. It will be sent to the Placed file.
Cancel a PO: If you’ve kept an open PO around for a while before sending it to your supplier, remember that it will no longer reflect actual on-hand quantities of products you’ve sold in the meantime. Depending on how quickly your inventory moves, you might want to cancel that old PO and generate a new one. To cancel a PO that has not been sent out, click the “Delete Entire Order” button at the bottom of the order.


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