Cash Drawer

The Cash Drawer needs to be counted at the beginning and end of each day. Each cash transaction that is processed is automatically recorded. The Cash Drawer function is to solely show you if your cash drawer is balanced at the end of the day.
  1. Go to: Manage>Cash Drawer

2. Count the cash in the drawer and enter the whole amount of bills and coins in the Beginning field only.
3. Click Save

4. Throughout the day if there are any payment out tickets, payment in tickets, and/or clients who paid with cash it will appear in the: Paid in, Paid out and Tendered fields in the cash drawer report.  
Note: Tendered cash is the total amount that is collected from the tickets

Note: Totals with your payment in and payment out tickets will automatically be calculated into the cash drawer.    

5. At the end of the day count the cash in the drawer and enter the number of bills and coins of each denomination in the appropriate field.
6. Click Save
Note: All other transactions such as Credit Card Payments, Checks and Non-Income payments will be available on your Total Sheet. Reports>Total Sheet

If your business will operate on Multi-Cash Drawers please follow the link.


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