Client Connect: Automated Email Marketing

Client Connect: Automated Email Marketing is a premium feature that offers enhanced text messaging. That means no more managing of cell phone providers and guaranteed on-time delivery of your automated text messages.

Learn how to enable Client Connect Premium Features!

Automated Marketing Campaigns:
In addition to enhanced texting, Client Connect offers an automated email program that sends recurring emails such as Happy Birthday, New Client Thank you, Due Back (due for a usually scheduled appointment not made yet) and Drive Back (clients who have not returned) campaigns. This is a great way to drive your business, using these attractive messages to offer discounts, promotions and introductions to new services. Set it up once. You can discontinue at any time by choosing no from the active drop down.

Proceed to: Manage>Client Connect>Automated Email Marketing
  1.     Click on My Logo
  2.     An image can be uploaded from your computer by clicking on Browse and Choose the file with your logo and upload the image here
  3.     The logo will now appear under Current image
  4.     Save

Additional My Logo Notes:
  1.     If no logo is uploaded but is required, your Business Name will be used in it's place.
  2.     By uploading a logo, the ability to place it in the header, footer and/or in the body of the mass email becomes available.
Creating a Header:
  1.    Click on My Header
  2.    Create header in the text box
  3.    Formatting can be done with the tool bar options
  4.    You may also choose to have your Logo as the header follow the image below
  5.    SAVE
    Note: Header will appear at the top of the email

Creating a Footer:
  1.     Click on My Footer
  2.     Create Footer in the text box
  3.     Formatting can be done with the tool bar options
  4.     You may also choose to have your Logo as the header follow the image below
  5.     SAVE
    Note: Footer will appear at the bottom of the email.


Select the type of campaign to start: Happy Birthday, Drive Back, Due for an Appointment or First Time Client Thank You. We’ll use Happy Birthday as an example.

1. Choose your template of choice and Get Started

2. Create an Email Subject
3. Select number of days before their birthday the email will be sent.
4. Choose if you want to use your Header and/or Footer
5. Click Yes to make Active in the drop-down.
6. Compose your message.

Have a special celebration on us.
Please print this birthday greeting and bring it along to your next appointment. You’ll receive 50% off any two retail products (liters not included).
Happy birthday to you from all of us here at……

7. When you have finished composing your client connect automated email message, you may save, save & preview or send a test.     

Please note that you may have to disable your pop-up blocker to preview your message. Instructions for doing so can be found at Disable Pop-Up Blockers.

8. If you wish to reset this campaign and Start Over click the in the red button. 

Your message will be sent to all clients who have an email address on their client card and whose Birth Date is listed.  This is where it’s advantageous to have as much information as you can for complete client records.
Client Settings: Make sure the client’s email address is in all client records. To add an email address to an existing client record, pull up the client’s record in the Clients tab and enter the email address. Make sure the box marked “Client Connect Email” is also checked unless the client has requested not to get email messages.
UI 94.png

NEW Client Confirmations via Text Message!
Your clients can now confirm their appointments via Text when you have the Client Connect Premium Bundle!
Once you are signed up for all three Client Connect Features you will have the option to turn on Client Confirmations via TEXT and Client Profile Photos!

When you have our Premium Package you are able to create Client’s Profile Photo and have the ability to store up to 20 images or files.
  1. Client Profile & History
  2. Go to Uploads tab
  3. Browse an Image or File
  4. To make the image the profile photo be sure to check the box BEFORE you upload
  5. Click Upload once an image has been selected
  6. Save Profile


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