What is a Wait List

When a client requests an appointment slot/day that is unavailable, they can be added to a waiting list. This list will pop up when a time slot becomes available due to a cancellation.

1.     On the left side of the Schedule screen, click the Wait List button.

2.     Select the appropriate client or enter a new client and complete the client card.
3.     Select the Service and Date Range the client wishes to book.
4.     Add a note if necessary.
5.     Click Add to List button.

When the cancellation list pops up…

1.     Call the waiting client if the cancelled time/date is in the requested range.
2.     If it’s acceptable, click the circle next to the client name and then click Schedule. The appointment will be scheduled.
3.     If the waiting client can’t use that opening, click close and the client will remain on the cancellation list.
Note: By clicking on the Cancellation Details button at the bottom of the Cancellation List window you will bring up a detailed list of all cancellations and the reason for the cancellation.

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