SalonRunner Release Notes

We regularly release enhancements, upgrades, and bug fixes to our software applications. This is part of our continued and unwavering dedication to provide the best possible experience with our software.

tbd in 2019 (Release 19.3)
  • We know this summer was bumpy with the application not being available or slow those few times, but we finally figured that out and have been stable since then. We decided to upgrade several key infrastructure technologies that SalonRunner runs on and in our testing environments we saw performance gains of about 200%!
  • We're working on some really exciting things in 19.4, but we can't reveal it yet.  Stay tuned!
  • Bug fixes.

8/4/2019 (Release 19.2)
  • Since we had been focusing on a lot of unglamorous API work recently, we decided to squash as many little annoying bugs and other small things we could in this release.

7/8/2019 (Release 19.1)
  • We finished up all the behind-the-scenes stuff we started in 19.0, and our Online Client Scheduling application is up and running on brand new APIs.
  • Some infrastructure changes to try and address those short outages we had in May and June.
  • Improved security in handling Credit Cards throughout the applications.
  • Bug fixes.

3/25/2019 (Release 19.0)
  • We normally don't go this long in between releases, but we've been busy building a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff, which will allow SalonRunner to offer exciting new third-party integrations in 2019.  While these changes aren't visible, they will lead to great things.
  • When clients confirm their appointment via text message, we'll now send them a confirmation right back.  Yes... a confirmation for the confirmation.
  • Bug fixes.

11/12/2018 (Release 18.10)
  • Have you ever wanted to UN-check-in a client for an appointment? Well now you can!
  • Owners and Managers can now create Notes for employees.
  • Ability to turn off using Custom Service Durations.
  • Fixed printing receipts when using the Edge browser.
  • Option to show Rewards as points or dollars & cents.
  • Added some quick filters on the (manage) existing services list.
  • A few UI improvements
  • Bug fixes

10/8/2018 (Release 18.9)

  • We are increasing the strength and security of usernames and passwords.  All new or updated usernames will have to be at least 6 characters.  All new or updated passwords will have to be at least 8 characters, and include at least one letter and one number.  For now, we are allowing anyone's username or password that doesn't meet this minimum requirement to keep using them as-is, but this may change in 2019.
  • Nearly every feature in Advanced Settings is now available on mobile (small) devices.
  • Bug fixes.

9/10/2018 (Release 18.8)
  • We always fix some bugs in every release, but every so often we dedicate an entire release to only squashing a few handfuls of medium and smaller sized bugs. This is one of those times.

8/13/2018 (Release 18.7)
  • Clients can now have custom service durations for any service, and for any or all service providers!  When an appointment is being scheduled and the service time is changed from the default, we'll prompt you if you'd like to save it for future use.  The custom times are also honored in OCS (Online Client Scheduling) when the client makes their own appointments.
  • Eastlink (Canada) is now available as a mobile provider.
  • Bug fixes.

7/2/2018 (Release 18.6)
  • A couple behind-the-scenes updates for APIs.

6/25/2018 (Release 18.5)
  • We made a few more improvements to Service setup, with a focus on efficiency.
  • A couple minor bug fixes.
6/18/2018 (Release 18.4)
  • Our Guided Setup now includes the abillity to set up your Web Page (formerly known as the Mobile Web App). This gets new accounts, especially renters up and going in a short amount of time with a online booking and a free Web Page.
  • We changed the way we handle rounding cents when calculating taxes. While it only ever amounted to a few cents, it's better to collect a few cents more than be short at the end of an accounting period.
  • The security and encryption for both Vantiv and our text messaging integrations has been upgraded to the most recent standards.
  • We added a feature to allow users of SalonRunner or Online Booking to quickly and easily add an icon to their homescreen on their phones.
  • Our integration with Vertical Response will be ending on July 31st. The page in SalonRunner used to log into VR has more detail.
  • Bug fixes.

5/21/2018 (Release 18.3)
  • The Setup Wizard is gone. Long live the Setup Wizard.  In it's place, is the Guided Setup. The Guided setup is the same in spirit, but is much easier, much faster (less than 15 minutes to get through it all), and also works beautifully on mobile devices.
  • Several improvements to scheduling.
  • Bug fixes.

4/15/2018 (Release 18.2)
  • Client accounts can now have other child accounts attached to them, with the full ability for the Parent to receive child appointment notifications, the child to use the Parent's card on file, and much much more.
  • You can now mark any recurring membership with an auto-deactivation date.
  • Bug fixes.

2/11/2018 (Release 18.1)
1/8/2018 (Release 18.0)
  • Bug fixes.

11/12/2017 (Release 17.7)
  • We pressed the pause button on releases for a few months to work on something important. As of 11/13/2017, your business can now order and use an EMV device, also known as chip-and-pin, in your business! This is the latest technology available, and will also help to prevent fraud while decreasing your liability in accepting credit cards.
  • Bug fixes.

7/24/2017 (Release 17.6)
  • If your business sells recurring memberships, you can now choose to allow the client to rollover unused services into the next month.
  • Packages & Memberships can now be toggled on or off for use in OCS. Previously they were all on.
  • Bug fixes.

7/17/2017 (Release 17.5)
  • By now you've all heard about the Reserve with Google launch, and now you can opt in without needing to call our Support Team.  Of course, if you're already opted in and want out, you can do that too, but why do that?
  • Bug fixes.

6/18/2017 (Release 17.4)
  • You can now include a custom message in the Appointment Itinerary & Confirmation emails. We've included a preview function so you can see what the email will look like when your Clients get the email.
  • Accounts using a Master Salon setup will now see that Services and Service Groups are locked to changes by the child accounts.
  • Bug fixes.

5/21/2017 (Release 17.3)
  • From the Client Card, on the Retail History tab, you can now click on an item and add it directly to the client's ticket. If the client doesn't have a ticket yet, we'll create one.
  • Several small fixes and improvements to various Reports.
  • Our Canadian CardConnect customers (some serious alliteration here) will now be able to have their transactions processed in CAD not USD. Please contact our Support team if you'd like to make this change.
  • We had plans to implement a CDN for SalonRunner later this year, but due to our recent 24.5 hour severe performance problem, we've moved the first half of it up to now. If you're interested, you can learn more about what a CDN does.  The second half of the implementation will occur this summer.
  • Bug fixes.

5/1/2017 (Release 17.2)
  • Are you a medium-to-large sized business that wishes SalonRunner supported multiple cash drawers, with the ability to "assign" or "check out" a drawer to a single person, then do all the things a business would normally do with multiple Cash Drawers?  If so, you'll love this release!  If not, you'll still love SalonRunner since nothing else much changed.
  • Our friends in Barbados and Puerto Rico are now fully supported with enhanced text messaging.
  • Bug fixes.

3/20/2017 (Release 17.1)
  • Our inventory system now allows you to order DIRECTLY from SalonRunner to Premier Beauty Supply and Evolve Salon Systems! And it's free! If you're a customer of one of these distributors feel free to give us a call and we'll show you how to get started with Automated Ordering.
  • Puerto Rico was mistakenly being blocked from starting a Free Trial or using our Demo. This has been remedied. We're sorry about that.
  • Bug fixes.

2/6/2017 (Release 17.0)
  • You gave us your feedback and we listened. Mobile! Mobile! Mobile! We've always had mobile functionality for SalonRunner, but it was admittedly limited in scope. We've taken it to eleven!  Nearly the entire Manager application now works on all of your mobile devices. 2017 will bring even more mobile functionality, so stay tuned. We know you'll be pleased.
  • New membership reports, plus improvements to several other reports.
  • Are you familiar with SalonInteractive?  It's the future and the future is 2017. Ask your Account Manager for more details.
  • The 2016 holiday season pushed our cloud servers to the limit on a couple occasions, and we know you felt that pain. So did we. We spent considerable effort and expense and upgraded our entire cloud infrastructure to handle 1000% of what we could handle in 2016. Seriously ... 1000%.
  • Lots of performance upgrades and smaller bug fixes in the application. 
  • We've renumbered our releases to mirror the current calendar year. Not exciting, but it makes it more clear for everyone.
  • Finally, thank you all for your survey responses. We're still compiling all of the data, but as always we're taking your input seriously and turning it into reality. Some may come soon, some later, but it's happening.

11/21/2016 (Release 6.7)
  • Appointments can now be confirmed by your Clients via Text Message!
  • New OCS Directory
  • Recurring memberships now have a "thaw" date when they are frozen so they can't be frozen indefinitely.
  • Improvements in and around Product Reservations.
  • Bug fixes.

11/7/2016 (Release 6.6)
  • Once per year, the business development team turns over the reigns to the engineering team to choose what they want to work on in and around our applications. Our engineers focused on improving performance of the applications, as well as eliminating a few handfuls of lingering bugs.  While you likely won't notice m/any changes visually or feature-wise, our aim was to make everything better across the board.

10/17/2016 (Release 6.5)
  • Improvements on appointment copy/paste functions.
  • Better handling of Product Reservations in various appointment change scenarios.
  • Resource Enhancements
  • Employee sorting has been reworked with drag and drop.
  • Bug fixes.

10/3/2016 (Release 6.4)
  • Client Connect Client Lists are now exportable.
  • Two new filter types for Client Connect Client Lists. Both are related to clients receiving or not receiving services.
  • Client profiles have a new data point: Client Origination.
  • Bug fixes.

9/19/2016 (Release 6.3)
  • You can now reserve products for your clients right from the Appointment details window!
  • Improved display and handling of voided debit/credit card transactions on Ticket details Collect Payment window.
  • Terminated employees will now stay on the Schedule until an Owner or Manager chooses to hide them in Employee Settings.  This will allow you to reschedule existing appointments after the employee's termination date.
  • If you schedule a new appointment for a client that is already checked in, this new appointment will be automatically checked in and added to the existing Ticket.
  • You can now Edit an appointment that is already checked in.
  • We're no longer showing a P or M icon on the schedule for appointments with clients that have Packages or Memberships. This information was moved into the appointment details window.
  • Bug fixes.

8/29/2016 (Release 6.2)
  • The Appointment pages have been redesigned to eliminate the need for popups. They will now show previously "popped up" messages as notifications.
  • A new notification has been added to the Appointment and Ticket pages alerting the user that the Client is running low on their scheduled Standing/Recurring Appointments.
  • Client Type has been added to the Print Schedule report.
  • Added Birth Year to the Client Profile.
  • Bug fixes.

8/24/2016 (Release 6.1.1)
  • A fix to address recent performance issues.

8/15/2016 (Release 6.1)
  • Appointment Builder now honors Time On entries when searching for available appointment slots. It previously only looked at the Business and Employee hours settings.
  • Can now mark Time Off in the mobile version of SalonRunner.
  • We are now slightly delaying the delivery of appointment Itinerary emails to accommodate appointments that are changed within a few minutes of creation. This will prevent multiple emails from going to the Client.  If the time of the appointment is close enough to when it was made, we do the same for Confirmation emails to the client.
  • We added a Remember Me function on SalonRunner.
  • We added a Remember Me function on OCS.
  • Free trial accounts can now conveniently turn on Client Connect in the regular activation flow.
  • Appointments can now be cancelled from the Future Appointments table in the Client Log.
  • Bug fixes.

8/1/2016 (Release 6.0)
  • The schedule has a new feature to let the user create a Custom View with as many or as few service providers as you wish.
  • Time Off now has the option to select the full day instead of by duration of hours "To Close"
  • The Sales Analysis report now breaks out Chemical services separately in both the Salon and Spa categories.
  • Managing Employee Departments (Advanced Settings) was improved.
  • Mobile SalonRunner was updated to prevent a couple dead-ends for non-Managers/Owners.
  • Shhh ... BoothRunner v1 is here! An email blast will be coming to announce it formally, but you can call your Account Manager today for more details if you can't wait.  
  • Bug fixes.

6/20/2016 (Release 5.7)
  • The schedule will now scroll and show the user the current time on the schedule!
  • Reports enhancements to show employees that sold Packages & Memberships.
  • Bug fixes.

5/23/2016 (Release 5.6)

  • Ability to collect a House Fee on tickets.
  • Allow product charges on services to be either a flat fee or a percentage of the service price.
  • Cash back is now allowed when redeeming Rewards points.
  • Bug fixes.

5/9/2016 (Release 5.5)
  • Ability to track which employees sold Packages and Memberships.
  • Memberships can now have enrollment fees.
  • Memberships can now be frozen (paused) and unfrozen.
  • Bug fixes.

4/18/2016 (Release 5.4)
3/28/2016 (Release 5.3)
  • The recently merged Client Card and Log is now enhanced with image and file uploads. Images can also be rotated and marked as the client's profile photo.
  • The Client Connect images can now also be rotated.
  • Client images can now also be uploaded from the Mobile application.
  • More features are now available in the Self-Guided Demo.
  • Client passwords can no longer be reset in the Client Log, however the Forgot Password process can be initiated within from the Client Log. Clients without an Email Address will not be able to have their password reset.
  • The formula tab has been adjusted so the New Formula button is above the list, not below.
  • New Time Clock summary report.
  • Bug fixes.
  • ... and last not certainly not least ...
  • Recurring Memberships can now be sold!

  • Accounts that have subscribed to the Client Connect Bundle now have the ability to upload up to 20 images and files for each of their Clients. This feature is NO EXTRA CHARGE if you have the Client Connect Bundle.
  • The Client Card and the Client Log have been merged into one cohesive 'page'.
  • Apple-based computers were using a different primary font than Windows-based computers. Now they are the same.
  • Cancelled appointments have been added to the Client Log. 
  • Bug fixes.

  • Packages and Memberships are now returnable!
  • Client Connect Automated Emails has been redesigned to work nearly identically to Client Connect Mass Emails.
  • Client Connect Mass Email campaigns will now be executed every three hours, instead of just once per day overnight.
  • Bug fixes.

  • Packages and Memberships have undergone a complete re-write, allowing for much greater flexibility in configuration as well as commission handling.
  • Client Connect has a new third feature titled Mass Emails.
  • On the Collect Payment screen in tickets, there is now a convenient Gift Card lookup for the client.
  • Wait list now shows both Home and Mobile numbers for the Client.
  • Support page is now available to all users.
  • Vertical Response has been moved to "Other Marketing" and the Letters and Labels features are easier to use now.
  • Bug fixes.

  • We fixed a few relatively obscure, yet important, bugs related to Taxes on tickets.
  • Fixed a bug with the content editor for Client Connect emails.

  • Notes for this release can be found here.

  • Attaching and detaching tickets has been completely reworked.
  • Tax fields in Business Settings have been expanded to three places to the right of the decimal.
  • Hiding the Rewards tabs for businesses choosing not to use the Client Connect Rewards & Referrals program.
  • For business names that are long, they will be displayed as truncated in the navigation bar to allow for better UI on smaller devices.
  • Ability to add more items to an existing Inventory Use ticket.
  • Better descriptions of tickets in the Ticket List and Details pages.
  • Current billing rate has been restored on the Billing page.
  • Bug fixes.

  • Client Connect Rewards & Referrals has been launched!
  • The Support and Billing pages have been separated since we're now 100% on the platform for support.
  • New mobile providers have been added to the lists.
  • Bug fixes.

  • SalonRunner Reports has an all-new Access Control (permissions) feature to allow Owners to grant access to any employee to any report.
  • All employees with the Receptionist security role have access to the Cash Drawer.
  • Receptionists can now be granted permission to manage orders or manage (all) inventory.
  • Clients signing up for an account at OCS now must provide an email address.
  • Employees with the Apprentice security role can now log into SalonRunner.
  • Bug fixes, including the issue for Safari in iOS9.

  • A New and Improved Total Sheet report is now available in SalonRunner Reports.
  • Accounts that choose to require credit cards for appointments made in OCS no longer are required to also use CardConnect in the core Manager application.  Enabling CardConnect is now independent between OCS and Manager.
  • The button order on many popups and dialogs has been changed so that the button that is most likely to be clicked is on the right.
  • Slight wording change at the end of Text Message Reminders. After the appointment details, it will now read: "Please do not reply. Thank you and see you soon!"
  • The Forgot Password function has been completely redesigned on both OCS and Manager. It now is easier to use and more secure.
  • Two more reports have been removed from the Reports page since they now exist in SalonRunner Reports.
  • Bug fixes.

  • An all-new User Interface, color-scheme, menu & navigation!
  • Users can now log in with either their username or email address. In the coming releases, more focus will be put on logging in with an email address, and less with username.
  • A completely redesigned Ticket Details page.
  • Ability to recover your password from the Mobile version of the Manager software.
  • Easier to switch to the full desktop version of Manager from the Mobile login page.
  • Link to view All Clients from the Client page has been removed in favor of accessing this information from SalonRunner Reports.
  • Data Backup has been moved from the Schedule page to the Reports page.
  • Client Upload in the Setup Wizard is now limited by filesize. Large imports will be handled by our award-winning Support Team.
  • Support Conversations are no longer being used in the Manager software. Old conversations can still be accessed and read, but new conversations are not available.
  • We have transitioned Support assistance to our new Help Desk software.  Please check it out!
  • Bug fixes.

  • Simplified the daily Appointment Confirmation emails, as well as making them work better on mobile devices.
  • Improved Client search. Users can now search on first name, last, or mobile phone.
  • 1000 ml is now allowed as a size amount and type for Products.
  • A newly introduced slide-down announcement feature so we can quickly and effectively communicate to all users in real-time.
  • Fixed a very obscure and infrequent bug in which some clients with multiple appointments in a day, would occasionally not receive their Appointment Reminder text message for their first appointment, but would receive it for the second or third appointment.
  • Application-wide performance improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

  • Gift Cards can now be purchased by Clients entirely in the OCS. CardConnect is required for this feature, so call your Account Manager today to get started!
  • A new and improved Reports Application is in place, which will completely replace "Advanced Reports" on June 30, 2015.
  • Bug fixes.

  • Accounts can now require a Credit Card when clients are making appointments online. Clients can subsequently be charged for canceling appointments within rules set up by the Account owner.
  • Australia and New Zealand have been added to the list of “states”.
  • Improvement and further simplification of the Business Setup in the Setup Wizard.
  • Business Hours renamed to Scheduling Hours and now defaulted to OFF for all new Accounts.
  • Wind Mobile added to the list of options for Mobile Providers.
  • Various User Interface improvements.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Client Connect has been re-released as an optional paid feature.
  • A new option for credit card processing (CardConnect) is now available for all Accounts.
  • Text message delays are now solved with Client Connect.
  • New first-time help in the Setup Wizard for new free trial accounts.
  • Improved reporting for Client Connect.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Improvements to Product Suggestions.
  • More enhancements to OCS.
  • Bug fixes.
  • OCS received a complete makeover!
  • New default colors on the Schedule.
  • UI for Manufacturers and Suppliers has been upgraded.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Improved Product Reservation Report.
  • Improved Promotions Setup.
  • Infrastructure upgrades.
  • OCS User Interface improvements.
  • Bug fixes.
  • All size codes now available on the Product management page.
  • Resources are now both simplified and improved.
  • Resource is now shown with the service on the appointment “popup” window from the schedule.
  • The appointment “popup” window from the schedule had a slight UI makeover.
  • Client Connect setup was improved when using an iPad.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Client Connect (beta) has been released. More details will be shared soon, but you can find this in Management > Marketing.
  • Itinerary emails are sent to clients when new appointments are scheduled.
  • United Kingdom is now available as a State/Province.
  • Service prices now accept $ as a valid character without causing errors.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Bug fixes related to Products and Mass Inventory Update.
  • Ability to email receipts from the collect payment screen.
  • Drag and drop to move appointments is now available on mobile devices*.
  • Added "Inland Cellular" to the list of mobile providers.
  • NOTE: If you're using an Android device on the native internet browser below 4.4 KitKat drag and drop will not apply.To check to see if your device is on 4.4 KitKat.
  • Text reminders to clients can be turned on or off and can be sent out up to 99 hours in advance.
  • Added Virgin Island as a state.
  • Made the collections message clear on what is wrong with the account and added a link to go to the billing page.
  • Service Groups now will contain a Service Category: which will help us provide better future reporting for you.
  • Product Groups now also will contain a Product Category: which will help us provide better future reporting for you.
  • Products tab has a cosmetic change but no functionality change.
  • Ability to adjust the hours in advance a text reminder to clients are sent out.
  • New function on an employee receiving a text when clients check-in.
  • Report on product reservation.
  • Fixed ability to see client history for large amounts of data.
  • Fixed image uploading for images too large for sites.
  • Changed “Hide Not Working” to “Show Not Working”
  • Also adjust “Show Not Working” to stick when switching between tabs, dates and employees.
  • Performance enhancements to assigning serveries in Internet Explorer.
  • Product reservation to Online Customer Scheduling.
  • Added indication for produced reservation to the schedule on the client appointment with an “R”.
  • Added a popup on when a product reservation (reminder) to the ticket.
  • Homepage has the ability to have a copy able link that is easy to add to your website or just to share as a single web page.
  • Ability to turn on/off homepage hours when used as an online customer scheduling link embedded on your website.
  • Enhanced the Support tab on billing and knowledge base.
  • Additional enhancements to the employee setup wizard and setup to verify assigned services with redirects.
  • Ability to send out email and text when in a free trial.
  • Fixed issue with iPhone5 login not responding: to save login information.
  • Introduced site to replace
  • Deployed homepage capabilities to use as a single web page or Online Customer Scheduling page.
  • Improvements to adjusted Online Customer Scheduling: themes, ability to edit text colors and font types.
  • Updated Online Customer Scheduling to be mobile friendly.
  • Removed the ability to sell professional products from the Add Product on a retail ticket.
  • Added the ability to add an item to a purchase order after it has been closed.
  • Updates to the Mass Inventory to update fields and make the filters stay after a search is performed.
  • Adjusted the ordering of Departments on how they appear on the schedule.
  • Minor updates to the have default initially set in the Setup Wizard
  • Redesigned how to set up employee services.
  • Additional options to have the ability to copy services, prices and times in employee setup.
  • The setup process and interface through Basic Setup and the Setup Wizard has undergone a significant overhaul.
  • Service Groups, Services, Employees have been completely re-designed both in function and form.
  • Online Scheduling for your Clients has become “responsive”, which is a fancy term that means your Clients will now have a better experience scheduling appointment from all mobile phones and tablets.
  • The themes available to customize the look and feel of Online Scheduling has been upgraded. This will allow you to more closely match your business’ color schemes with the OCS software.
  • Services are now assigned and managed within the Employee details.
  • Service Levels have been removed and replaced by the ability to directly assign individual Services to Employees.
  • If your employees generally have the same set of Services and pricing, you can now copy all of the services from one employee to another.
  • If your business mainly has the same prices, durations, and process times for your services, you can now set up defaults for your Services, before assigning them to employees.
  • We now provide you with a list of standardized Service Groups, to ease your setup. Naturally, you can still always create your own custom-named Service Groups.
  • Recurring appointments can now be scheduled for up to two years (24 months).

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