Verizon messaging issues resolved with Client Connect

You are probably already aware that Verizon text messages are not being delivered on time. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused! We’ve tried everything we can to resolve the issue without any change in your service, but it is out of our hands. SalonRunner and all of our competitors use the email-to-text method of delivering automated text messages because it’s free. Unfortunately, Verizon has chosen to give a lower priority (therefore delay) to this method of delivering automated text messages.

I am very happy to inform you that we do have a solution that will be in place on Monday 3/30/2015. It is an optional paid solution called Client Connect. Your current SalonRunner service will continue to include the same free text messaging; however, when you use Client Connect you will receive enhanced text messaging and will no longer need to manage mobile providers. Best of all, with Client Connect your text messages are virtually guaranteed to be delivered on time.

In addition to enhanced texting, there are four automated email marketing campaigns that can be easily set up with Client Connect: Happy Birthday, New Client Thank You, Due Back, and Drive Backs.  Each campaign has more than 20 templates to choose from.  It takes only 5 minutes to set up all four campaigns and your email marketing is on autopilot!

To set up Client Connect, simply go to the marketing section of your SalonRunner account and follow the on-page instructions. If you were using Client Connect in its beta form you’ll need to go to the marketing tab and opt back in as it is now a paid feature. All your settings have been saved, but you might want to check out the new campaign and templates.

While our competitors charge fees ranging from 3-5 cents per message for text messaging alone, and others charge hundreds of dollars per month for automated marketing, we have one low flat monthly rate for everything!

Service Providers Monthly Cost
1 $3
2-4 $6
5-10 $12
11-15 $18
16-20 $25
21+ $35
Pricing Examples:
  • If you are a single provider salon, your total Client Connect monthly charge will be $3.00
  • If you have 14 service providers, your total Client Connect monthly charge will be $18.00 (not $18 per provider).

Best Regards,

Jim Bower
Founder - SalonRunner


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