Facebook Integration

Step 1: Once logged into Facebook,
      Click on this link:
Step 2: Click Install Page Tab A new window will open.
Screenshot (2)1.jpg

Step 3: From the drop down menu, select your salon business page. Then click add page tab
Step 4: You will be redirected to Configure Page Tab on your business page, with the settings for the new tab:

Step 5: Click on Okay

 Step 6: Click on Okay

Step 7: Scroll down to the option that reads, "Page Source"  Click the "url" Remove the "http://" from the box, then copy and paste: BUSINESS ID HERE
change height to 810px  

Step 8: Scroll to the "Tab Settings" section, where it says, "Welcome". Change this to "Online Booking" or "Schedule Online", or any catchphrase you would like to use for customers to know that it is the online booking.
You may also change the Picture Icon “Tab Image”.  SAVE SETTINGS

Step 9: After you have Saved Settings of renaming your tab and putting on an image you will want to View Facebook Tab.

Important: Because you are an admin for the page, you will always see the 'settings' bar, this is not visible to your customers. Also, when you first click the tab, you will always be brought to the settings page itself and have to click 'view tab' to see your tab live. It is best to log out of Facebook and view your business page without being logged in to see the live version of the tab.

Give your clients access to book appointments with their Facebook App!
1. Go to your Business Page timeline.

2. Click on Add a Button


3. Choose Book our Services

4. Click on Book Now

5. Copy the link below and paste it in the Add a website link field. BUSINESS ID HERE

6. Click on Add Button

7. Your Business Page will now include a Book Now button. Clients will have access to this feature through their Facebook App.
Note: Logistics of the button such as: testing to make sure it works, statistics on it, and if you ever need to edit the link can be found by hovering over the button to view the menu.


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