Collecting Tips

Keep Tips in Drawer – Yes or No?

Yes: If you keep tips in the cash drawer this means all cash, credit card, check tips will be paid out later as part of their compensation.
·        You must also answer Yes to Track Tips under Settings in the employee record.
·        This will allow you to assign tips to the appropriate employee(s) in a pop-up box at customer checkout. Individual records will be kept for each employee’s tips.
·        A listing of tips is available through the Summary Report at the left of the Tickets window.

No: If tips are not kept in the drawer and are paid out as you collect the payment.
Access:  Manage>Basic Settings>Business Settings

1.     Click on the Detailed Settings tab.
2.     Under Point of Sale Settings, select yes or no from the "Keep Tips in Drawer" drop-down box.

3.     Click Save.
4.     Make sure employees are set up to have their tips tracked.
·        In Basic Settings, go to Employees.

·        Click on employee name, then Settings.
·        Under Track Employee Tips, select yes.
·        Click Save and repeat for all employees.


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