Online Client Scheduling Settings (OCS)

Online Client Scheduling (OCS) allows your clients to schedule their own appointments and view their own records online 24/7, using a secure personal login name and password. You can use this feature from an existing business website, Rosy website builder, Business Facebook page or Web Page. Your SalonRunner representative will work with you to provide practical advice and help.

To Turn on or off your OCS
Proceed to: Manage>Online Settings>Basic Settings>Allow clients to book appointments Online?

OCS Settings

Proceed to:  Manage>Online Settings

To include Online Client Scheduling on your current website use the Basic Settings OCS URL LINK:
OCS Directory Link:
The OCS Directory is an employee directory where clients can view your Service Providers and Booth Renters and be taken to the appropriate OCS login page.
It is recommended to fill out the description and to upload a picture for your employees if you are planning on using the OCS Directory.

Basic Settings is where you will set the parameters that best serve your business.

Allow Clients to create new accounts online?
1.     If Yes, first time clients will need to create an account in order to schedule appointments.This will be possible by clients selecting on Join now.clients will need to enter contact information and create a username and password.  
2.     If No, you wish to set some other criteria such as having your receptionist or other employee activate each client’s OCS profile in person or over the phone.

A client’s online client scheduling password can be reset through their client profile by sending a RESET email to the email address they have on file.
  1. Access the client profile of a client
  2. Under the Online Client Scheduling (OCS)
  3. Click on Reset next to the password field

Note: Please make sure the client does have a valid email address on file or they will not receive the set/reset password link. 
    4. Client will receive an email with a link to reset their password

Minimum hours in advance clients can schedule appointments:
The average is 1 hour but again, it should be whatever best suits your business.

Choose the order in which services should be scheduled within the salon/spa categories.
Much of the time it doesn’t matter but depending on your business, there can be practical reasons for choosing a fixed order.

Schedule multiple services for one service group.
The default option is only one service per group, and it will apply to most businesses. This field is geared mainly toward spa services. A only one service per group answer will prevent clients from scheduling, for instance, a single process color and perm or highlight on the same day.

Minimum gap between appointments (if they aren’t back-to-back).
The gap left between appointments should be the time it takes to perform your average service so other appointments may be scheduled in the gaps for maximum productivity.
Click Save

Login Message is displayed when clients log in.
  This can be a “welcome” message or a little PR blurb or anything you want.

Theme Selection
This will change the theme of both the Online Client Scheduling pages as well as your Mobile Web App.

Select a theme and colors that compliment your website. You’ll be shown a preview of all choices at the bottom of your screen.
1.     Choose a Theme from the drop-down box.
2.     Choose a type Font.
3.     Choose a Text Color.
a.     In the drop-down box, click on a color square and click Choose.  OR…
b.*******************     For an almost infinite number of choices, click on a color in the “rainbow” at the right of the drop-down box. Then move the dot inside the shaded chart to select the exact shade of that color you want. It will be previewed in the box under the chart. When you have the exact shade you want, click Choose. ***************************
4.     Choose a Background Color.
5.     If you’d like to swap background and text colors, click Swap Colors.
6.     Save

Upload your Logo
Your logo will appear on all online scheduling pages. The file must be a png, jpg or gif and cannot be larger than 300KB. We recommend png or gif, as jpg files can be too large to work with. To convert a jpg to a more manageable file, go to: Converter. For best viewing, the image should have a maximum height of 84 pixels and have a transparent background.
If you do not use a logo, your business name (in plain type) will be used in its place.

1.     Current Image: Will be blank until you upload an image.
2.     In order to Upload New Image. Click on the browse box to choose a logo file that’s been saved to your computer.
3.     In the screen that comes up, find the file you want and click on it.
4.     Click Open, and the file will be uploaded.
5.     Save
Service Group Priorities
1.     Control the order in which services are booked. No matter which order the client chooses the services, group prioritizing makes sure the order is the way you want them booked. For example color always before the haircut or style, etc.
2.     Save

Services Online
Turn off the services you don’t want shown online. For instance, you won’t want to show procedures that require a consultation or are an add on (extra color).
Some services require a secondary service to complete the process. For instance, if you require a haircut after a color you’ll want to set up your color service listings to require a secondary service and the haircut to be the secondary service so that the customer must book both appointments.

1.     Make your selections for each service.
2.     Save

Select the employees/service providers that are available for online client scheduling.
When you use the OCS Directory link you will have the ability to add a description and an employee profile picture to be displayed.

*Booth Renters must manage their own show online, description and profile picture in their account.

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