Memberships: Setup

Some businesses offer “club” plans that include a variety of services and/or discounts for a one-time, prepaid membership fee.  The system keeps track of clients’ participation, bills correctly at checkout, and balances the books.

Proceed to: Manage>Advanced Settings>Memberships

1.    Enter the name of the membership
2.    Pay Commission on:
  • Discounted Package Prices
  • Full Employee Service Prices
3.    Recurring
  • Monthly
  • No
4.    Enter the expiration date of the plan in Days.
5.    Enter the Services Discount. This discount will apply to all services in the salon/spa and should be used when setting up a membership plan that consists solely of discounted services or products.  Also enter a Services Discount percentage, if any, for services that are not included in a membership plan that specifies certain services.
6.     Enter a Retail Discount if product discounts are included in the plan. This discount will apply to all products you carry, You cannot specify certain products only.
7.    Select Yes or No for “Expire on use up.”  (“Use up” applies to services only. Select Yes If you want the entire plan to expire when a specified number of services are used up even though other discounted services or products may be part of the plan.)
8.    Enter applicable tax percentage, if any.
9.    Sort Order will be the order that membership are displayed
  If you have ecommerce set up and would like your package to show online set this to yes.
11.  Click Create

When you choose to use Pay Commission on Discounted Package Pricing:

1.    Choose from the list of Available Services to add to your membership

2.    Enter the quantity and discounted price per service

Note: Total Service Price is the total discounted amount to pay commission on
3.    Enter Membership Price which will be the cost to your client
4.    Status: If you are ready to sell your Membership make it Active
5.    SAVE

When you have Card Connect you have the ability to Setup a Recurring Membership.  Learn how to setup your Recurring Monthly Memberships.

NOTE: Inactive packages are not sellable but are still redeemable!

Instructions for applying and paying for Memberships at Checkout: Selling/Redeeming Memberships


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