Product Promotions

Here’s a win/win feature. Promotions are an easy way to help your clients maintain the “salon look” or treatment at home and increase your retail sales. Simply select a service and an associated product. Each time a client books that service, the system will remind your desk staff to suggest the product you’ve selected. This feature is also available when clients are scheduling online, allowing the client to reserve products to be picked up at the time of the appointment.
To activate this feature:
    Proceed to: Manage>Advanced Settings>Promotions and click Manage
1.     Select the service from the drop-down box.

2.     Select a product to be promoted with this service.
3.     Click Create Promotion. The promotion information will be shown at the bottom of your screen.

4.     You may promote more than one product for the same service; for instance, color enhance shampoo and deep conditioner with a color service. Treat the second product as another separate promotion, but they’ll both come up when the client books the service.
5.     To discontinue a promotion, click the red icon next to it.

Note:The salon promotion reminder will appear in the sales ticket when a client has chosen the service associated with the product you are attempting to promote.
By clicking on the name of the product it will allow you to add it to the sales ticket.


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