Appointment Confirmations and Reminders

Minimize no-shows! Give your desk staff a break! Keep your employees in the loop! Send appointment confirmations to your clients via email and text messages. Send text messages to alert employees of schedule changes, cancellations, last-minute appointments, etc.
Client confirmations and reminders…
Send an email reminder/confirmation a few days prior to the client’s appointment. The email contains a button they can simply click to confirm. When confirmed, the color on the schedule will change to show the confirmed status. Then a few hours before the appointment, send a text message to remind busy folks of the appointment time.
These messages are automated. You set it up once and the software takes over. To activate this feature:
    Proceed to: Manage> Advanced Settings> Email & Text Communications> Manage

1.     Send Appointment Itinerary via Email: Check this box if you’d like the client to immediately receive an email informing them of the appointment that has been scheduled. This is particularly useful for clients using Online Client Scheduling so they are assured their appointment is accepted and recorded.

2.     Send Appointment Confirmations via Email: Click this box to send the appointment confirmations via Email. Clients click on the confirm button embedded in the email and it changes the color of the appointment in your schedule informing you they have confirmed.

3.     Choose the number of days in advance you want the email sent. We recommend 2 days.

4.     Send Appointment Confirmations via Text Message: Choose the number of days in advance you want the text sent. We recommend 1 day.  If you have a business phone set in your Business Settings (Manage>Basic Settings>Business Settings) it will be included at the end of the text confirmation letting the client know they need to call if they need to reschedule.  If you do not have a business phone saved the text will simply let the client know they need to call the business to reschedule.
This feature is only available when you have the Client Connect bundle
5.     If you also want to send text message reminders a few hours before the appointment, check the “Send Appointment Reminders via Text Message” box. Choose the number of hours in advance you want the text messages sent. We recommend 2-4 hours

6.     Save

Note: Make sure you have client email addresses and cell phone numbers in the mobile number field. Check “Phone Number” and “Email Address” under the Detailed Setup tab in your business record (manage > basic settings > business settings > detailed settings) so the system will remind your desk staff to obtain this information if it’s missing. Also check the appropriate designations in “Communications” on your client cards.


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