How to Create Departments

Set up departments for easier scheduling in a large salon or spa.  Employees are grouped by department (for instance, all nail technicians or all stylists). Tabs at the top of the Schedule screen allow you to view one department at a time or all, in the order that’s relevant to your business.

Setting up Departments
    Proceed to: Manage>Advanced Settings>Departments>Add or Edit Departments
1.     Enter a department name.
2.     Select the order in which the tab should appear on the Schedule   screen by selecting a sort order
3.     Save
Assign Employees to Departments
Proceed to: Manage>Advanced Settings>Departments>Assign Employees to Departments
1.     Choose the department for the employee with the drop down menu next to the employee’s name.
2.     Repeat for all employees.
3.     Click Save


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