Resources: Setup

Resources refer to any special equipment used in performing services, such as pedicure chairs, massage tables, etc. The system keeps track of resource availability and won’t book an appointment requiring a resource that’s already in use.
Creating a New Resource:
Proceed to:  Manage>Advanced Settings>Resources>Manage
1.     New Resource Group and enter resource name and number of resources (eg. How many rooms, pedicure chairs)
2.    Create
3.     Click assign them to your services.
4.     Assign a resource to the service requiring it by selecting from the drop-down box.
5.     Click Save.
When adding another identical resource to the one(s) you already have listed, access (Manage>Advanced Settings>Resources>Manage)
Click on the   and a new resource will be added to the group.

When you add a new resource to a service they are now applied to all future appointments and will provide a notification if there is a conflict with any future appointments. IF you are given an error, in order to see which appointments have a conflict click “Export” to view the list of conflicting appointments. 



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