Prebook Appointments

Encourage clients to book their next appointment before leaving. Insure they’ll get the date and time that works for them, especially in very busy salons or during holiday periods!

There are two different options to begin this process!

#1 - Checking out from the Schedule:

1.     Click on the client’s appointment
2.     Click the Show Ticket button to access the client's sales ticket

#2 - Checking out from the Ticket List:

1.     Click the client’s name in the Open Tickets column to bring up the sales ticket
2.     Click the Prebook button at the bottom of the ticket

If "Require Credit Card in the Manager App" is turned ON in your Cancellation Policy settings, and the client does not already have a card on file, you will see this pop-up:

Enter the client's preferred card information, then click Save
   - If you do not wish to store this particular client's credit card on file at this time, you can simply click Skip

Proceeding to Prebook...

1.     Within the Appointment Builder, it will say "Scheduling for (client's name)" in the top left corner
   - If you need to see how long the client usually goes between appointments, you can click on the Client Log button, then click on the Services tab

 3.     If need be, adjust the service(s) and/or Service Provider(s), then click Search Calendar

4.     If the client has certain time allotments, use the Select Time Range bar above the calendar to adjust the time frame requested

5.     Select the desired date on the calendar

6.     The available appointment times on that day will be shown
     - If more than one service and/or service provider is being booked, you will be shown all possible combinations of times and providers
        Click Book Now next to the time the client chooses

8.     A "Preview Mode" of the schedule for the selected day will pop-up. You can click and hold on the service(s) to drag & drop them in different positions, if you wish

9.     Click the Schedule button in the bottom right corner of the window

10.  After completion, you will be re-directed back to the client's sales ticket to finish the check-out process per usual


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