What is the Appointment Builder

Appointment Builder allows you to create an optimal schedule for a client requesting multiple services on the same day, taking into account all employees’ schedules and the availability of resources without having to view each employee’s schedule individually.

1.     At the far left of the Schedule screen, click the Appointment Builder tab.

2.     Enter the client’s name or phone number. For a new client, select the new client option.
3.     Click Continue.
4.     Select the services in the order they are to be received. Select the service provider requested for each. Continue until all services have been added.
5.     Click Search Calendar.

6.     Select a time range if the client has time constraints.
7.     Select a date. Available dates will be bold. Unavailable dates will be grayed out.
8.     Choose from available time combinations with the client.
9.     From the preview mode make any adjustments if necessary by clicking on the appointments and dragging them to a new position.
10.  Click Schedule.


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