Confirm Appointments Manually

If you don’t utilize email or text confirmations, or for those who simply prefer to call their clients and personally confirm their appointment(s), manual confirmation works as so:

Start within your Schedule screen

1. Click on the client's appointment
2. Once the appointment window appears, click Confirm

3. If upon calling to confirm the appointment, the client does not answer, click Left Message to record leaving them a voice message

4. If for whatever reason, you're not able to leave the client a voice message, I recommend adding an Appointment Note to record you at least attempted to contact the client

    -  To add an Appointment Note, click on the underlined existing note, (or "None"), found under the client's contact information within the Appointment window > An "Edit Appointment Note" box will pop-up, type whatever you wish, then click Save

Once confirmed, or left message, the client's appointment will change color to reflect the Color Key found on the left of your Schedule page

Learn how to change your Schedule Colors here!

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