How to Create Standing Appointments

Remaining Standing Appointments Notification
Receive a notification when a standing appointment is running low. 

Manage>Basic Settings>Business Settings>Detailed Settings>Remaining Standing Appointments Notification %

ex. If 50% is entered then if a client has a series of 20 recurring appointments when they have remaining 10 appointments the notification will appear.

Schedule a Standing Appointment
1.     On the Schedule screen, under the correct service provider, click on
the time slot for the requested appointment.
2.     In the New Appointment box that appears, enter the name of the client. If they are a new client, check the New Client box, fill in the client card and .
3.     Above the service listings in the New Appointment box, there is a Recurring Appointment square. Check it.

4.     Duration: Enter the time period the standing appointment will be in effect, up to 24 months.
5.     Frequency: How often the service will be performed. For example, select every 2 weeks.

Ex. If a client needs to book an appointment every 3 weeks for 1 year here is how it should look.
      a. Duration: 12 months; since it is for 1 year.
      b. Frequency: 3 weeks; since it is for every 3 weeks

6.     Check the service(s) being provided.
7.     Click Create.
Note: If there are any conflicting times, a pop-up window will appear with links to the conflicted dates. Select the links and reschedule the time as you would for any other appointment. Only that day will be rescheduled; it will not affect the rest of the standing appointment.

Cancel a Standing Appointment
1.    Click the client’s name on the schedule for their next appointment. In the appointment box, click Cancel Standing and then Yes if you’re sure.

2.     If you are canceling only one day of a standing appointment, click Cancel in the Appointment box.


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