How to Schedule/Edit an Appointment

Schedule one service provider

(If multiple employees are involved, we recommend you use the Appointment Builder-link for appointment builder article)

1.     On the Schedule screen, in the calendar at the top left, click on the date requested by the customer (or on +3 weeks, +4 weeks, etc. from today). The screen will show all employees’ schedules for that date.
2.     Decide with the client on an available time. Click on the blank space in the specified employee’s column at the time the appointment is to begin.
3.     On the New Appointment screen, enter the client’s name or phone number and select the name by clicking on it in the drop down. For a new client, click the New Client box, and enter the information.
4.     From the list of services, choose the services to be performed. You may change the duration time of a service by selecting a different time from the drop-down box next to it.

5.     You may add an appointment note (such as “must be out by 5”) by typing it in Appointment Note.
6.     Click Create, and the screen will show the appointment.
7.     To return to today’s schedule, click today’s date on the calendar or the
Today button under the calendar.

Schedule multiple service providers on the same day

We recommend you use Appointment Builder as follows:
1.     At the far left of the Schedule page, click the Appointment Builder tab.
2.     Enter the client’s name or phone number. For a new client, select the new client option.
3.     Click Continue.
4.     Select the services in the order they are to be received. Select the service provider requested for each. Continue until all services have been added.
5.     Click Search Calendar.
6.     Select a time range if the client has time constraints.
7.     Select a date. Available dates will be bold. Unavailable dates will be
grayed out.
8.     Choose from available time combinations with the client.
9.     From the preview mode make any adjustments if necessary by clicking on the appointments and dragging them to a new position.
10.  Click Schedule  
 Schedule Standing Appointments
1.     On the Schedule screen, under the correct service provider, click on
the time slot for the requested appointment.
2.     In the New Appointment box that appears, enter the name of the client. If they are a new client, check the New Client box, fill in the client card and .
3.     Above the service listings in the New Appointment box, there is a Recurring Appointment square. Check it.
4.     Duration: Enter the time period the standing appointment will be in effect, up to 24 months.
5.     Frequency: How often the service will be performed. For example, every 2 weeks.
6.     Check the service(s) being provided.
7.     Click Create.
Note: If there are any conflicting times, a pop-up window will appear with links to the conflicted dates. Select the links and reschedule the time as you would for any other appointment. Only that day will be rescheduled; it will not affect the rest of the standing appointment.

Editing an appointment after it has been checked in:
You can now edit your appointments even after they have been checked in!  To do this you will follow these steps:
1.       Click on the checked in appointment

2.       Click Edit

3.       Choose the service you would like to change the appointment too

4.       You will see a confirmation message

5.       The ticket has been updated with the new service!



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