What is a Client Log

The Client Log is a comprehensive tool that allows you to provide the personal touch for the kind of attention clients appreciate. It’s a record of the client’s past services and product purchases, future appointments, memberships or packages, gift cards, notes and formulas. You can look up client history, add new products to the ticket, and add notes about client preferences, likes/dislikes, ongoing conversations.
Access to Client Log while Scheduling an Appointment:
Click the Client Log button on the New Appointment screen with an existing client.This can be done by clicking on the appointment box on the schedule screen. Look up and answer any questions the client has about their product or service history, status of packages or memberships, etc. Add notes by clicking the Notes tab in the Client Log.

Access to Client Log while Checking out:

Click the Client Log button on the Sales Ticket. You can look up products the client has bought in the past. Click on a product in the Client Log and add it to the sales ticket with the order form that pops up. Look up the date of a past service or the client’s future appointments. To add a note, click the Notes tab and follow the simple on-screen directions.

During the appointment:

After the client is checked in, service providers, apprentices and back room assistants have access to the Client Log to view history, change or add a color formula and make notes.
        They may click the client’s name on the Scheduling screen, click Client Log, and then click the appropriate tab.

 Want clients to have a Profile Photo!
When you have our Premium Package you are able to create Client’s Profile Photo and have the ability to store up to 20 images or files.
  1. Client Profile & History
  2. Go to Uploads tab
  3. Browse an Image or File
  4. To make the image the profile photo be sure to check the box BEFORE you upload
  5. Click Upload once an image has been selected
  6. Save Profile
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