Deleting a Duplicate Client

It is not possible to delete a client, due to the necessary retention of client histories and records. However, it is possible to de-clutter your client database by merging the clients you wish to delete into one record named “Deleted Records.”

First, set up a client card named Deleted Clients. You’ll only need to do this once. It doesn’t have to contain any information besides the name.

1.     On the Manage drop down menu, click the Clients tab.

2.     Click New Client
3.     On the client card, enter Deleted for the first name and Clients for the last.
4.     Click Save

Merge the clients you want to delete into the “Deleted Clients” card.
1.     Search for the name of the client you wish to merge

2.     When that client card comes up, click the Merge with another Client button.
3.     In the “Merge With” box, enter Deleted Clients.

4.     Make sure the “Deleted Client” card is in the right-hand box. If it’s not, click Swap. This process is not reversible, so make sure you’re merging the name you want to delete into “Deleted Clients,” not the other way around.
5.     Click Merge
6.     The name you wish will be deleted, and all information from that card will now be contained under Deleted Clients.
7.     Repeat as necessary for additional client names you want to delete.


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