How to Cancel an Appointment

If the client is unsure of the date, enter their name or phone number in the “Search Box” at the top right of the screen. Select the correct name from the drop-down and click the search icon. The client’s “Future Appointments” screen will come up. View the information and close the Future Appointments screen.

1.    Click on the client’s appointment on the schedule  
2.    Click the Cancel option, and a “Cancel Appointment” box will appear. 

3.     Select the type from the drop-down box, enter a reason, and click Submit.
4.     If there is more than one appointment you will be asked “Cancel all of this client’s appointments for the day?” Select yes or no.
5.    If you have clients listed on the Wait List a window will open asking you to select someone from the list to fill the gap you just created.       


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