How to Cancel an Appointment

1.  If the client is unsure of their appointment date, enter their name or phone number in the “Search Box at the top, right of the Schedule screen

2.  Select the correct name from the drop-down, and click the search icon

3.  The client’s “Future Appointments” window will pop-up. View the information, then close the Future Appointments window.

Once you have located the client's appointment:

1.   Click on the client's appointment on the Schedule screen

2.   Click the Cancel Appt button

3.    Once the "Cancel Appointment" box pops up, select the type of cancellation from the drop-down box, enter a reason (if you wish), then click Submit

4.    If the client has more than one service that day, you will see this pop-up:

5.   If the client is cancelling their entire appointment, click "Yes"
      If the client is only cancelling that service in particular, click "No"   


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