How to Send a Marketing Email through Vertical Response

Proceed to: Manage>Other Marketing
Client emails will have to upload into Vertical Response before creating a marketing email.
How to Upload your Clients for E-mail Marketing:
 1. New Campaign
 2. Select the list of clients you would like to market to.
 3. Select Find Clients

 4. Select if you would like to:

  • Write a Letter
  • Print Mailing Labels
  • Upload to Vertical Response

 5. Upload to Vertical Response
6. Begin Vertical Response Campaign
Page then will redirect to Vertical Response
Creating an Email:
 1. Select Create an Email
 2. There will be 5 s to complete before sending email: Set up, Design, Preview, Recipients, Send
 3. Fill out all the appropriate fields under each of the wizard to complete and send out your email.

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