Setting up Card Connect

Credit Card Integration:
Transactions are securely processed within our point of sale system. By choosing to integrate with CardConnect your business will benefit from these features:
  • Supports multiple merchant accounts
  • CardSecure® Mathematically irreversible  “tokens” that are stored in CardConnect’s off-site vault for the ultimate in security
  • Lower interchange fees-interchange optimization ensures you get the best possible interchange rates for each and every transaction
  • Web-based merchant portal-Receive alerts, view deposit reports and enjoy paperless processing at no extra charge.
  • 12-Hour Funding-Available on all card types, including American Express.
  • American Express Opt Blue- Lower pricing on all American Express transactions.
  • 24/7 Customer Service-CardConnect is always there to take your call.
  • Availability to capture a client’s credit card information, if they book through your online scheduling feature!
What is BOLT?
Bolt is a device encrypted by CardConnect in order to secure payment acceptance with your SalonRunner account. All BOLT devices are integrated with: Maximum PCI scope reduction, Point-to-Point Encryption, Tokenization and EMV. YES! This means it accepts cards with the chip!

To start the process now!
Contact a CardConnect Representative at 877-948-9733 ONLINE APPLICATION

Set-Up: Capturing Credit Cards Through CardConnect:
Through CardConnect if a client cancels their appointment and they use the online scheduling feature, you will be able to charge them a fee cancellation fee.
Once your business is integrated with CardConnect you will have capability to capture a client’s card information securely.

Before you begin setting up CardConnect, please make sure that all settings are turned on:

Proceed to: Manage>Advanced Settings>Credit Card Processing>Manage

Go to Credit card processing and using the drop down menu, change it to Yes. The same should be done with OCS eCommerce.

NOTE: If you are ONLY using Card Connect for eCommerce please leave Credit Card Processing to NO.

Cancellation Policy

In order to require a Credit card when a client books an appointment:
Proceed to: Manage>Advanced Settings>Cancellation Policy
Step 1:  Click on Configure how clients can cancel appointments
Step 2:  Require Credit Card online, change to Yes
Step 3:  Require Credit Card in Manager App (on your schedule), change to Yes

Step 4:  Save

Looking for more information on the cancellation policy set-up, check out the Cancellation policy Article. 
Now, when clients book an appointment in the Manager on your schedule, it will ask for their Credit Card information.

You are able to put the card on file or skip if you do not want to enter the credit card information at this time.

Collecting Payment with Card Connect:
Proceed to: Sales Ticket>Collect Payment

Collect Payment Box will inform you if the client has a Credit Card on File

Proceed to the Pay By Card button to select the account for the transaction (usually Default Account unless there are more than one account).

Then when prompted you can use the card on file or Swipe the credit card

Here you will also be able to Save Card for Future Use or Replace the Card on file (client will receive an email when a card has been saved).

Finalize Payment

Now, when clients book an appointment online, the software will ask them for their Credit Card information.
 Below will show how clients will be asked for their Credit Card information in OCS


Cancellation Charge: Through CardConnect
If the business is integrated with Credit Card processing through CardConnect. You have the ability to charge clients for a cancelled appointment. Please remember that in order to charge clients for cancelled appointments, you must be integrated with CardConnect and you must set it up.
Applying Cancellation Charges to Client:
Proceed to: Tickets
Pending Cancellation Charges
Charge Card option for the client

Enter the Cancellation Fee
Click Finalize Payment


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