Toggling to Switch Locations

This article is for accounts that have multiple locations and a master account.
The Master account will only show relevant functionality that is pushed (propagated) to the child locations (does not include Employees). Users can no longer toggle into the master. Explicit logins are now needed for the Master.
Permissions - Roles still exist and have the same defaults, but you are now able to customize each individual's login with permissions, including for employees of other locations toggling into your location.
Toggling now also works on mobile devices when using the full desktop mode of the software.
For Employees to have toggling enabled you will need to give the employee permission to use the toggle function by turning on the switch locations under the permissions tab.

Once you have done this you will need to login to the other location(s) and grant them with the specific permissions for that single location.

This is done by going to: Manage>Employees>Permissions>Switch Locations>Turn on>Save

Then you must sign into the Other Location and you will then have that employee show up under Manage>Employees>Other Location Employees.

By selecting will give them access to that location.

By clicking on the Employees name you will be prompted to the permissions list for this particular location.

Choose what you want this employee to have access to by selecting the specific permissions.

Now that particular employee will have the ability to toggle between the different locations and have specific permissions for each location.


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