Adjusting Service Prices

Adjusting Service Prices:
To change the price of a service for an individual employee:
  1. Navigate to: Manage > Basic Settings > Employees
    Click on the name of the employee that performs the service

  2. Click Assign Services on the top right of the page
  3. If the service you are trying to change has already been assigned to the employee, it will be listed under Assigned Services
        You can edit the price and duration of the service for the individual employee

If it is a new service and has not been assigned yet, it will be under Available Services below the Assigned Services
You can click on the tab for Available Services and assign it to the employee by checking the box next to the service


You can also change prices by navigating to:
Manage > Basic Settings > Services

Then editing the Default Service Price
  1. Once you are on the services page, click on the name of the service you wish to change
  2. Enter the new price you want this service to default to upon assigning it to employees
  3. If the old price was already assigned to any providers, you will be able to check the Adjust prices assigned to provider box, in order to automatically update any old prices

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