Enabling Client Connect Premium Features

Free Trial Users:

This feature is not available for free trial users. If you are in a 30-day free trial, you will need to activate your account before you can activate Client Connect Premium Features. Be aware that by activating your account you will be charged for this feature as well as the normal subscription fee for service. To activate your account, click activate your account on your Tickets screen or the big red Activate Today!

If your screen looks like this you are still in test drive/30 day free trial status.

Active Clients:

If you are an active client, your screen will look like the one below and you will have the opportunity to activate Client Connect Premium Features as an individual option or as all three for a Premium bundle price.

Have questions on what these Premium Features are all about look here at these links:

Automated Email Marketing
Rewards & Referrals

Mass Email

If you are ready to active your premium features:
  1. Check the boxes at the bottom of the page (to turn on your choices for your premium Client Connect features and Yes, I understand these are optional and additional-cost features.)
  2. Enable Client Connect Add-Ons                


NEW Client Confirmations via Text Message!
Your clients can now confirm their appointments via Text when you have the Client Connect Premium Bundle!
Once you are signed up for all three Client Connect Features you will have the option to turn on Client Confirmations via TEXT and Client Profile Photos!

When you have our Premium Package you are able to create Client’s Profile Photo and have the ability to store up to 20 images or files.
  1. Client Profile & History
  2. Go to Uploads tab
  3. Browse an Image or File
  4. To make the image the profile photo be sure to check the box BEFORE you upload
  5. Click Upload once an image has been selected
  6. Save Profile

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