Client Connect Image Library

Upload and manage a library of images that can be used in any Client Connect Premium Bundle to your Automated and Mass Email Marketing campaigns!
Manage>Image Library

To Upload an image: Choose a File

Once you have selected your file it will automatically be uploaded into your image library
If the image is not going in the direction you want it to be then you do have the ability to Rotate the image.
If you uploaded the wrong image no problem, just hit Delete and then choose again.
NOTE: You may only have 20 images on file at once in your image library.
When you are working on your Automated or Mass Email Campaigns you will choose the Use Image Library link to insert one or more of your images into your email.

Easy: Choose to have the image inserted for you. NOTE: this option will insert the image exactly where you have the cursor in the body
Advanced: Copy this HTML image tag and Paste it into the HTML Source of your email.

Once you click the Insert this Image you will ONLY need to click on it once and then either choose another image or close.
Note: if you click the Insert this Image MORE than once the image will be in your email that many times.

Editing Image Sizes:
Once the image is in the body of the email, it can be adjusted to be smaller or larger in order to display the way you need it to in the email. There is two ways to adjust an image in the email body.

The first way is by placing the cursor on one of the corners of the image. Once the cursor is on one of the corners drag it out to the size needed.

The second way would be to double click on the image. "Image Properties" window will appear. The width and the height can be adjusted on this window.

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