Setting up Recurring Monthly Memberships

Setting-Up/Selling/Redeeming Recurring Memberships
Proceed to: Manage>Advanced Settings>Memberships
Setting up Recurring Memberships:
  1. Click on Add Membership
  2. Enter the membership Information
  • Name of the membership
  • Type: Series or Client Choice
*Series:Which is your traditional membership type, a bundle of services
*Client Choice: Lets you set the number of services your client may choose from, but give them a larger list of possible choices
Steps on setting up client choice:
  1. The type you will choose is Client choice
* Choose the services that will be part of the recurring membership with the under the available services section. From the services that are chosen the client will only be allowed to choose from a limit. For example, if your Limit Services it 3 and you choose 10 services. Out of  those 10 the client will be able to choose 3.

  • Pay Commission on: Discounted Package Prices OR Full Employee Service Prices
*Discounted Package Prices: This will automatically discount the service on the ticket to reflect the package price.
*Full Employee Service Prices: This is the price that the employee would normally charge for the service
  • Recurring: Choose Monthly
  • Recurring Rewards: If you choose Yes it will allow clients to earn reward points every month they are charged for their membership instead of only earning points for purchasing the membership the first time.
    Note: Need to have earning points for membership purchases Active in Rewards setup.  To make sure this is active navigate to Manage>Advanced Settings>Rewards and add/activate Package/Membership Purchases
  • Allow Rollovers: If you choose monthly memberships you will receive an option to allow for services to rollover. This means that the total of services that were not used from the past month will rollover into the new month.
  • Expiration: This field will not appear with a monthly membership.
  • Service Discount: Discount will apply to ALL services in the salon/spa
  • Retail Discount: Discount will apply to ALL the retail in the salon/spa
  • Expire on Use up: Select Yes if you want the membership to expire when the specified number of services have been used up.
  • Tax: Tax percentage of the membership
  • Sort Order: The order in which the recurring membership will display when selling it.
3. Click Create.
4. Membership Price: This is the price the client will be charged every month.
5. Enrollment Fee: One time fee applied to the client’s ticket when initialing purchasing the recurring membership.
6. Status: Change to Active when your business ready to start selling recurring memberships.

7. Choose the services that will be part of the recurring membership with the under the available services section.
8. The service(s) that you choose will move to the top of the page
9. Enter the quantity, how many of that particular service is part of the recurring membership. If unlimited, please check off the unlimited box.

10. Click Save   
Selling Recurring Memberships:
  1. Create a new ticket for the client (Tickets>Ticket List>New Ticket)
  2. Once in the ticket, click on the next to Specials.
  3. Choose Membership
  4. Select the Recurring Membership name, either by using the drop down arrows or searching in the box.
  5. Employee: An employee can be chosen to have reference as to what employee sold the recurring membership.
  6. Start Date: Today’s date is the default, but it can be changed by using the calendar icon to select a different date.
Note: Once the recurring membership has been chosen, at the bottom of this screen you will see the price and enrollment fee. These figures can be adjusted if needed. If the price is adjusted it will become the new monthly charge.
     7. Click on Add Membership
*Note: Client must have a card on file in order to purchase a recurring membership. If there is not a card on file you will get the option to add a card.
*Note: The final ticketed price will include the enrollment fee plus the monthly recurring charge. Continuing in the next months, it will only be the monthly recurring charge.
Redeeming Recurring Memberships:
  1. Create an appointment Or a new ticket for the client with the exact service that is part of their recurring membership.
*Note: If an appointment was created please make sure to check in the appointment in order for a ticket to be generated.
     2.   In the sales ticket the service should appear with a label reading, “Membership/Package Service

     3. The total charge for that service will be $0.00. This will be reflected at the bottom of the sales ticket, NOT next to the service.

     4. Go to Collect payment
     5. Add tip if needed
     6. Click Finish


Managing Recurring Memberships



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