What is BoothRunner?

BoothRunner is geared for owners who supply work space and resources to those booth renters who are not employees but a business inside of a business. BoothRunner will be the basis of a strong owner to booth renter relationship.
In order to begin this process, the Booth Renter should create their own SalonRunner account. This means that they will have their own account with a separate business id from the owners.  Once the renter has an account they can now be connected to the owner account that can only be done from SalonRunner account management team.
Owner Salon: Consists of a combination of commissioned service providers and booth renters.
BoothRunner (Renter): Consists of only one person that performs services on the schedule.
Below you will find all the features associated with connecting a renter to an owner.
Setting up your BoothRunner Settings:
Go to: Manage>Basic Settings>Business Settings>Detailed Settings>Booth Rental Settings
There will be two options:
1. Allow client sharing with Owner and Renters
2. Allow Renters to sell their own retail

*Allow Client Sharing with Owner and Renter: This setting should be modified in both the Renter and Owner account. If turned to YES the clients in that particular account will be seen within the connected account(s), whether owner or renter. Also employees under the owner account would also have access to book with a renter’s client as well.
*Allow Renter to Sell their own Retail: This setting will only appear in an owner’s account. If set to YES, the renter will be allowed to sell any inventory products that are in their account.
What you need to know once a Renter is connected to an Owner:
  1. Renter employee Hours and Owner business hours:
→ A renter’s employee hours should fall within the owner salons business hours. Otherwise, this may cause for appointments on the Renter’s side to be missed
→The renter’s employee hours are to be adjusted in the renter’s account under their employee settings
   2. Renter’s service adjustments:
→ Once a renter is connected to an owner a renter will inherit all of the Owner’s available services
→ The renter’s services will now become hidden and can no longer be used except to view any already scheduled appointments and history
→ Through the renter’s account the employee settings services should now be assigned in-order for clients to be able to schedule those services. If there are any services that the renter performs that are not in the owner’s account, these services will have to be created in the owner salon services.
   3. Scheduling and checking tickets out for renter account:
Scheduling appointments for a renter can be done under both accounts; renter and owner account
NOTE: If clients are shared, clients from the owner account can be booked for the renter and vice versa.
→ The renter’s account will ONLY display renter appointments and clients  
→ The owner’s account will display all of the owner’s employees PLUS the boothrunners name on the schedule

To get the BoothRunner process started please give your account manager a call at 877-346-7679 x1


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