Setting Up a BoothRunner

At SalonRunner we refer to Booth Renter as BoothRunner

When you have started your BoothRunner account there are only a few steps to setup in order to get up and running smoothly.

Business settings
Manage>Basic Settings>Setup Wizard OR Business Settings

Basic Information:
Complete all fields applicable to your business. Some may seem unimportant but they are necessary to the proper functioning of the program.
Here also will display the business id of the salon you are attached too.
·        Be mindful of capitalization, spelling and punctuation.
·        Sales tax must be entered with a decimal point, such as “6.25.”
·        Most businesses do not charge a service tax, so this number can remain at “0.0” if it does not apply to your business.
·        Do not skip entering your timezone or locale.
·        When finished, click on the Detailed Settings tab.

Detailed Settings:
·     Check “yes” in any of the Client Required fields if you want that information to be a standard requirement on your client cards. If the information is missing from the client card, a pop-up will remind your desk staff to obtain it.
·     Accepted forms of payment your business accepts, change the drop down box to Yes. It will be No if you do not accept the particular payment method. This will ONLY apply to the renter’s tickets when checking them out.
·     Booth Rental Settings: (ONLY pertains to businesses that have BoothRunners)
Allow Client Sharing with Owner and Renters: If this setting is set to YES all of the renter’s clients will be searchable under the owner’s account and any other accounts that may be renters. This also means the other accounts will have access to book the renter’s clients.
The next steps of the Detailed Settings are only available under the Manage>Basic Settings>Business Settings
·     Keep Tips in Drawer: Yes, if you do not remove tips from the cash drawer, but keep them to be paid as part of the employee’s regular pay cycle. You should also set up “Yes” to “Track Tips” under Settings in the employee record. This will allow you to assign tips to the appropriate employee(s) at customer checkout so individual records are kept for each employee’s tips.
No, if your employee’s will be receiving their tips immediately at time of client check out.
·     Always Print Receipt and Email Receipt if this is set to Yes then a receipt will automatically print when the ticket is finished.
·     Print Credit Card Receipt automatically will print your Credit Card Receipt when using the system’s integrated credit card processing.
·     Print Tip Worksheet is used as a form to allow your clients to add a tip to the transaction. Check “yes” to add a button to your Collect Payment screen which when clicked, will allow you to print the worksheet.
·     Credit Card Processing: Yes, if you use the system’s integrated credit card processing.
·     House fee is a charge deducted to the service provider’s commission in order to cover overall salon cost.
·     Time Clock: yes, if any of your employees will be clocking in and out.
·     Advanced Inventory: SHOULD ALWAYS BE SET TO NO
·    Schedule Show Not Working (Default): will allow you to set a default to show or not to show who will not be working (if not working the day you are on it will not show that column on the schedule.
·    OCS (master on/off): Turns on and off your Online Client Scheduling system in one click.
·     OCS eCommerce: With Card Connect as your credit card processor will allow Credit Card capturing for cancellations.  Clients will also be able to purchase Gift Cards in the OCS.  
·     Allow Product Reservations: Yes, if you allow your customers to reserve products when scheduling online. Then see Online Products Reservations.
·     Email Required for Scheduling will be a required field when scheduling an appointment and when on there is no skip option.
·     Remaining Standing Appointments Notification % (AVAILABLE in Release 6.2)
      When finished, click on the Scheduling Hours tab

Scheduling Hours Tab:

The renter’s scheduling hours will match the owner’s account business hours.
NOTE: Any appointments that fall out of the Owner’s business hours will NOT be visible on owner’s account schedule. Therefore, please make sure any appointments that are on the renter’s account fit within the Owner schedule.

Employee Settings & Services
You are the BoothRunner you will need to make sure your employees settings are correct.
No need to create your services as they will come over from the owner salon after you have been attached.
Any services that you had assigned to yourself prior to connecting with an Owner account will now be in a state of locked.  Those services will no longer be used and now you will need to assign yourself the OWNER’s services that you will perform.
Manage>Basic Settings>Employees>Choose your name>Assign Services>Available Tab> Choose the services that you perform
Go to the “Available” tab and the services that the Owner account offers will appear. Any services that you as the Renter performs should be assigned to yourself. If there are any services that you perform that are not listed, please add them under the owner's account.

From here you now can start scheduling your clients.
Adding Products/Inventory: if the owner salon allows you will have the ability to add and sell inventory in your system.
Adding Inventory
Selling Inventory
If you currently have a Rosy software account, please contact your account manager or the sales team at 877-346-7679 X1

After you have completed the quick setup you will need to contact a SalonRunner representative in order to move forward to get your BoothRunner account connected to an owner salon account.



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