Print Schedule

Proceed to: Schedule > Print Schedule (found on the left side of the screen)

The Print Schedule box will appear
  1. Choose the date range of the schedule you'd like to print by clicking within the From: and To: boxes
      - You can also utilize the Today or Tomorrow Quick Links provided
  2. Use the Run For: drop-down to choose the employee, or print the schedule for the Full Staff
  3. If the Advanced Report box is checked, you will see the clients' last 3 services, last 3 products purchased, and their most recent formula entered
  4. If the Only show scheduled blocks box is checked, you'll only see/print the appointments within the date range, rather than any empty schedule time
  5. Click GO

  6. The Print Schedule will open in another tab or window on your browser as a PDF for you to save and/or print
       - You'll print by clicking on the print icon most commonly located in the top right corner of the screen

Preview of the Advanced Report Print Schedule Page below



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