Troubleshooting Communications with Clients

If clients are reporting that they are not receiving communications from your business, or you would like to check that your communications are set up correctly, please follow these steps:
1.  Check your Advanced Settings
You will want to check that you have the correct email and text communication settings turned on in your Advanced Settings

- Click on Manage under the Email & Text Communications section


*If you do not have the Client Connect Premium Bundle you will not have access to text confirmations
Follow this Client Connect Premium Bundle link for more information and learn how to activate it

2.  Check the guest's Client Log
If the correct settings are turned on in your Advanced Settings, you should make sure the client has the ability to receive emails and texts in their Client Log

- Access the Client Log by searching for a client from Manage > Clients, or click on the client’s name within the appointment window

What is a Client Log?

3.  Check the Client's Appointment Log
To check that the system tried sending the email or text to a client, you can use the Appointment Log. This will list any communications sent out by the system as well as any other changes made

- Navigate to the Schedule and click on the client of interest's appointment, then click the Appointment Log button on the right-hand side of the window

4.  Client Connect Report
When a client confirms an appointment via text they will need to reply with “C” to to do so.  This will be reflected in the Appointment Log for that appointment.  It will say if it “Sent text confirmation” and it will say if they “Confirmed via text”.

- To double check that they sent the correct response, you can view the Enhanced Text Messaging report.  This is located in your Reports page, under Performance


5.  Unsubscribed Clients
  • Clients have the ability to unsubscribe from any texts being sent to them by replying “STOP” or "Cancel".  If they choose to do this they will need to reply "START" to that same number
  • If they have deleted the number they sent "STOP" to, and they don’t know how to start again, you can find the number they will need to text by navigating to their Client Log. It will show the number in red under the Communications section

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