Troubleshooting Employee Communications

If employees should be getting communications but aren’t follow these steps to make sure you are set up correctly.
1.  Advanced Settings
  • You can manage which notifications are available by clicking on “Manage” under Email & Text Messages in your advanced settings.  
  • Select which notifications you want to be able to turn on for your employees (NOTE: When turning these on they are not automatically enabled on employees profiles.  You will need to go into each employee’s settings to turn on.  See next section.)
2.  Employee Settings
  • Once all of the notifications you want employees to have are turned on you will want to go into each employee’s profile (Manage>Basic Settings>Employees) and turn the features on individually.  
  • If no time limit is selected they will get a text whenever an appointment is scheduled or change is made.  If a time limit is set as “1 hour” for example they will only get a text if the appointment was scheduled, cancelled, changed, etc. within an hour.
  • You will need to turn on features in each individual employee profile or in your advanced settings by clicking “Employee Text Settings” under Notifications & Reminders

  • If you have the enhanced text messaging feature you will not need to enter the mobile provider.  If you DO NOT have the enhanced text messaging feature you will need to make sure a mobile provider is selected.

3.  Appointment Log
If you have gone through the previous steps to turn on employee notifications you can always check to see if they are being sent successfully by using the Appointment Log.  You can find the appointment log by going to the schedule and clicking on the appointment you want to check notifications for.  On the right hand side of the appointment window there will be an option to click on “Appointment Log”.  It will say “Sent Employee text message” when it successfully sends a notification to an employee as well as the time it was sent.


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