Future Recurring Membership Income

The future recurring membership income report will allow you to view potential recurring payments that are scheduled to be processed.
  1. Reports>Future Recurring Membership Income
  2. Start & End Date: Future dates have to be chosen. Excluding the present date.
  3. Employee Filter: All employees can be chosen or an individual.
  4. Membership Filter: All Memberships can be chosen or individuals ones.

    5.  Cost: Will be the price paid for the membership
*Note: This will NOT include the enrollment fee.
    6.  Recurrence: Quantity of services included in each membership. This will depend on how far out you choose the end date.
*EX: Gold Membership comes with all color services. If you have 8 color services, then you went out 5 months ahead the recurrence would be 5.
    7. Total: This will calculate the COST by the RECURRENCE
Total = Cost x Recurrence
Running the Report:
  1. The “I Need it now” will run the report immediately and display it on your screen/page within three minutes.
  2. The “I can wait for it” is designed for Large salons or date ranges that may require an extended period of time for this report to generate.
  1. Once the download is complete the user that was logged in will receive an email.
  2. The Report will be accessible in the “Saved Reports” tab.
Reports in the “Saved Reports” tab can be made into favorites and even be removed.

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