Multi-Cash Drawers

Creating Multiple Drawers:
  1. Manage>Advanced Settings>Cash Drawers
  2. Click on ‘manage cash drawers’ to create multiple drawers
Note: Drawer 1 will be the default cash drawer
     3. Click ‘New Cash Drawer’ in order to create a multi drawers
   4. Enter the name of the drawer
   5. Flip to ‘Active’
   6. Click ‘Save’

**New cash drawers will now appear under your list of drawers.
Require Cash Drawer Open and Close: This setting can also be adjusted under your business settings (manage>basic settings>business settings>detailed settings)
7. Require Cash Drawer Open and Close: Yes Or No

    IF SET TO NO: Employees will not need to open the drawer before checking out a ticket.  Cash will be assigned to whatever drawer they choose.
IF SET TO YES: Employees will need to open their own drawer before checking tickets out. This will assist with keeping track of who opened the drawer and what time it was closed.
Note: To view a list of open and closed cash drawers found under the ‘cash drawer’ tab  (manage>cash drawer). This will give you the employee whom open/closed that particular drawer and at what time.

    How Employees will open the Cash Drawer if require cash drawer open and close is set to: YES
  1. Go to Manage>Cash Drawer
  2. Select the cash drawer they are going to open

    3.  Enter the amount of cash that this cash drawer is starting/opening with

    4. Click ‘Open Drawer’
Note: Now when this employee checks a ticket out, in the collect payment screen they see the cash drawer assigned to the ticket.

Any amount paid in cash will now reflect in the appropriate drawer’s tendered field
When the drawer is ready to be closed. The cash that is in that drawer at the end of the day should be counted and added  in each dollar denomination.


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